Spilling The T-Shirt

Ladies if you said to me this time last year, even six months ago that i’d be doing a blog post on my favourite T-SHIRTS, I would’ve slapped you and told you to get back to spreading your LIES, however here I am showing you my new favourite fashion item.

Treat YOURSELF to the wonderful world of the HONEY POP CLUB!

Now as someone who continually likes to treat themselves to 48098 hot drinks a day adorned every single add on possible, it is definitely a known fact that I love to treat myself. Whenever things are tough, hard or just plain BORING, treating myself to lifes delights is indeed a

Is the word ‘Queer’ Offensive?

Throughout history and through etymology, words and their meanings shift dramatically, due to a result in the changes in social and political climates that they’re being used in. This is common, especially with words that have developed through the 18th century. Due to the complexity of the English language and

How To Make ChocolaTEA

What’s better than a brew… AND CHOCOLATE? Find out how to make this gorgeous Carrot Cake Hot Chocolate using Bluebird Tea and my FAVOURITE hot chocolate.


LADIES lets just take a good solid moment to realise that I am now 20 years old. Grab a brew and come and take a quick look back at the year that’s just gone, and discuss how the start of my 20s are DEFINITELY going to be ‘lets make this into a film’ worthy.


If you are a TRUE LPE lover and potential stalker you will know that I go to university just outside London at UCA Epsom, meaning that a lil train ride to London only takes me 30 minutes. London is one of the most diverse and iconic cities in the world

Bluebird Tea EASTER COLLECTION Eleganza

Can you believe that it’s nearly Easter? Like I know it’s a ridiculous British thing for me to discuss how fast time is going however? EASTER? REALLY? A good way to deal with the fact that Easter is looming is to take a dip into the NEW Easter Collection from

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