How I Got Clearer Skin

Ladies if you’ve been following me for a fair while (and I’m taking like since the BEGINNING – since the ginger curls and just lipstick days) you will know that I have been on a battle and a JOURNEY with my skin. Since about I was about 13 I have had troubles with my skin, and she has not been kind to me in these past 7 years. I’ve been on topical and antibiotic medicine for her and she’s still flaring and going and giving me her CHEEK. However, in the past 2 years or so, she has calmed down and I want to show you the GORGE skincare products that I’ve been using for the past few months that have really calmed her down and put her in check.



REN SKINCARE is honestly one of the best brands that I’ve come across this year. Their formula’s are iconic for my skin type, and they have such a broad range of products that all skin ailments and complaints can be dealt with in an instant. I’m using the ClearCalm range, which is designed for blemish/acne prone skin types. and skin that has redness, texture, and a skin that is mainly combination based (both oily and dry at the same time). The clarifying clay cleanser helps to remove any traces of make up that are still in more pores, which is perfect to cleanse with once I’ve used the indulgent make up remover (don’t worry I’ll talk about her in a second). Chamomile and Lavender ensure the range is soothing on the skin, and all the ClearCalm range have antibacterial properties, ensuring that not only is the skin cleansed, but there’s no fresh bacteria on your skin that can cause blemishes. I use it twice, morning and night and it’s a gorgeous product to use after the REN cleansing balm, to ensure that I get the last remnants of the days face off of this little lemons skin. ICONIC.

All the make up remover goals is coming your way with the Rosa Centrifolia No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm. I used to use coconut oil to melt off the day, however after realising that it is in fact pore filling and isn’t the best for the skin, I’ve been looking for a product that has that melt effect that I’ve missed for so long, AND HERE SHE IS. The balm is perfect for people who wear a lot of makeup as a hazelnut sized amount is all you need to take the day off. Warm the product up in your hands and rub all over your face, including waterproof make up on your eyes and lips, and allow the product to rid you of the day, whilst ensuring that your skin feels fresh and cleansed, and not tight or dry. The perfect combination.

Back onto ClearCalm, the Clarity Restoring Mask is a perfect companion for the cleanser and the gel. Just like most face masks, she is to be used twice weekly, and also doubles up as a spot treatment, so if you need to just need to throw it on a few blemishes that have arisen, it’s a perfect alternative to the classic Sudocrem face – you all know what I mean ladies. It absorbs any excess sebum on the skin, and also acts as an exfoliator, despite being solely creamy in texture. This is why I adore it because I am not a fan of exfoliations with micro-beads, so this has the most luxurious, calming and rich texture, and actually does the same job as a classic exfoliator!

Not only does the final product that I’m using in the ClearCalm range help moisturise and sooth the skin, it helps combat any pigmentation on the skin that has arisen from previous breakouts, and ensures that any scarring or hyper pigmentation is calmed right down. The Replenishing Gel helps moisturise the skin without feeling heavy, and has the same active ingredients as the rest of the range, such as chamomile and lavender,  therefore making sure that all the products you’ve used benefit each other in succession.

Bioderma are new to me, and I have only recently started using this as a one off or as a quick fix if I’m out and about and need to cleanse and take my make up off, or if I need to dampen a cotton pad but I’m not near any gorgeous water. The miscellar aspect of the product is perfect for those who like a light cleanse. Miscellar products are great for those of you who are used to just using a face wipe, but want to make that initial step up to something more beneficial to the skin. The bioderma has a fresh, almost rejuvenating feel on the skin, however I did find it a little tightening on the skin, so in terms of my skin type, it might not be perfect, however it does ensure all your pores are fully cleansed once you’ve taken your make up off, acting as a toner. Toners restore the pH of the skin, and tighten and tone your pores to ensure they’re minimal in size. What a bonus.

The gel cleanser from bioderma also was something I was excited to try. The active ingredients again were promising, however I found them too tightening on the skin. Whether or not this was because I then started using my Cleansing Milk from
REN that I really began to notice the difference in my skins texture compared to the bioderma, who knows, but it was something that I initially noticed. I know a lot of people love that feeling on the skin, so if you’re into a fully fresh, cleansed and tight feel, then get your hands on the bioderma range ladies.

Emma Hardie are a new one for me, and after beginning working in an apothecary, I have discovered the many talents that Emma has shared with the world, in the form of her products. Here are a few of my literal faves that are now hard solid staples in my cleansing bag (I just have a bag of literal cleansing products its great).

The plump and glow hydration mist is literally, a new cult favourite for me. The best part of the plump and glow is the instant hydration that you feel on the skin. The smell is ethereal and literally smells of the quintessential ‘skin care your mum would buy’ smell. It’s also 90ml so perfect to take travelling or on the go so you can hydrate yourself throughout the day. It helps prevent shine and excess oil on the skin, and also is just a perfect companion for a hot day. A true saviour. I love adding it just underneath and on top of my moisturiser, using it as a serum.

The Protect and Prime 50ml bottle of PERFECTION is my new favourite companion for my make up. The multi functionality of all the Emma Hardie products is by far the best part. It can be used as an SPF, as it protects you not just from sun damage, but UVA and UVB protection. It also soothes, moisturises and hydrates the skin, similar to a day cream, and primes the skin, ready for life, makeup, or even probably even a slap? (who knows?). It’s a life primer, protecting you from your environment and the pollution that occurs as a result of living in the real world.

FINALLY, we have the Emma Hardie Vitamin C daily serum. I am a big fan of a serum, and a lot of people think that serums’ are only good for old skin, or anti – ageing, however they have so many different uses that they’re just not even comparable to any other skin care product. Perfect underneath your moisturiser, the Vitamin C serum helps not only give the skin a gorgeous radiance, but ensures that any hyper-pigmentation on the skin is dealt with. It also has packed vitamin B3 in there, again to help combat any affects of pollution and the environment on the skin. A must have for anyone who suffers from suns pots, pigmentation, scarring, or just dull lack lustre skin.

LADIES just a quick disclaimer. These are the products that have been working for me. I have been using them over the past 6 weeks, and they’re helped fix and shape my skin, however this doesn’t mean that my skin is now perfect. I still get blemishes, acne scarring flare ups and just overall irritation, because the thing with skincare is that with medical complaints such as acne, the effects on the skin are the end of the cycle. It’s the end result of what’s happening underneath the skin, so a lot of products that claim to ‘prevent acne’, actually just help limit the amount of damage to the skin AFTER the body has created the problem. It happens underneath the skin, and can often be linked to hormones, so a skincare treatment isn’t necessarily going to help that. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel like products are working. With a lot of acne/blemish prone skin based products, they tend to detoxify the skin first, meaning they take all the bad bits out of the skin initially, which can mean your skin gets worse before it gets better, so be persistent. Your skin cycle is every 28 days, so if you’re looking to see whether or not a product is working, you want to be using it persistently for at least 2 skin cycles, so around 6 weeks. YOU GOT THIS!

I was gorgeously sent the Bioderma from the lovely people in their PR team, and Emma Hardie also sent me some gorgeous goodies so thank you very much to them! REN are my own purchases and I adore them so much that I just had to talk about them. I wasn’t paid to take about any of the products you see here today, and my views are 100% my own.

I hope you enjoyed this little skincare reveal, and a look into how these products have changed my skin for the better recently, and hopefully it’ll get better and better! Let me know what products you’re using and what you think some common misconceptions about skincare are below or on my socials (you know the drill ladies… well you fucking better).










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