Month: July 2017

Trump: Trans Lives Matter

Something people always say to me is ‘wow you’re so brave I could never do what you do’ or, ‘god you’re just SO brave’, and this statement never sits right with me. The notion of being brave has a circle. To be brave, you must be fighting someone or something.

Why You Should Become A Volunteer

Pride In London is one of the biggest and most extravagant expressions of LGBTQIA+ life, journey and art in the world, and I was grateful enough to have the privilege of walking with one of the leading organisations for LGBT+ equality in the country – Stonewall. After being formed in

Mental Health: An LGBTQIA+ Insight

Stigma is a funny word and an odd concept. How does a word, a phrase or even a state of being have a whole “aura” around it that means that it’s not to be spoken about, or can go on having such a ‘stigma’ without being challenged? How do these

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