How To Make Your Hair Colour LAST

Ladies a question that I get asked maybe at least 309409 times a day is ‘HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR HAIR YELLOW?’ and I thought I know, lets make a post to discuss the many ways in which I retain my lemon powers through my barnet.




Now, the best thing to solidify and work with when you’re thinking about colouring your hair, or wanting to maintain a colour, is to GET A GOOD SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER duo. You need to make sure ladies that you’re keeping it chic, you’re keeping it caring, nourishing and loving, and you’re also making sure that your duo LOVES and holds onto your colour, instead of washing her away down the sink because that’s not what we’re here for. I use the Redken Color Extend Magnetics shampoo and conditioner which were kindly sent to be my the gorgeous team at Redken after they transformed me into the yellow goddess that I am today. The range contains proteins that help fortify the hair from root to tip, as the Redken team know that coloured hair can sometimes have been through the THICK of it, ensuring it is treated with the utmost respect that it deserves. It also prevents the gorgeous colour that you have just adorned to your barnet from slipping down the plug hole.


2. Know your SCIENCE 

FullSizeRender (3)IMG_4379

Now colouring and bleaching hair is NO JOKE babes. Know your science and get to know your hair. Take her out, get her a drink and have a deep one with your barnet and see what she needs to thrive. The Redken pH Bonder is literally one of the BEST products for rescuing damaged hair and ensuring that not only does it not feel or look damaged, but prevents any further damage to hair when you eventually re-bleach and re-colour your hair. By maintaining the natural pH of your hair, the bonder ensures that your hair stays silky, smooth and GORGEOUS. Once a week for 10 minutes? A true dream product.


3. Phantom of the Opera that SHIT and get your MASK ON. 


Ever since the colourings have come and gone and flourished, I have become a true fan of the hair mask. There’s something about flowing around my flat with 94809 layers of luscious hair product on that just makes me feel like I have my SHIT together. The Redken Colour Extends Magnetic Megamask is not only, an iconic mask that literally makes you feel like you’re literally cinderella, IT IS AN INCREDIBLE CONTRAPTION AND BOTTLE. The bottle design combines two products, and instead of these two gorgeous hair miracles just being intertwined in one bottle, THERE IS A SMALLER BOTTLE OF PRODUCT, INSIDE THE OTHER BOTTLE. Honestly you should’ve seen my face when I saw this tiny gorgeous bottle INSIDE the other larger bottle. One big squeeze on the back and the two products neatly appear. A true miracle and … one of the best things my eyes have seen in 2017.

Or alternatively, you can experience the HeatCure mask, which is a SELF HEATING (shook) mask that treats your hair to a warming, gorgeous and overall, ICONIC experience because anything that warms itself up from literally just being OPEN has my vote of confidence.



FullSizeRender (4)

My original colour was adorned by the amazing Redken gods, courtesy of their CityBeats collection launch, in which I was transformed into a gorgeous yellow lemon. Due to the fact that this is just a salon professional colour I was unable to use any of this gorgeousness at home. This has meant I have migrated over to the vibrant and affordable CRAZY COLOUR, who have a vibrant canary yellow which is perfect this lil lemon. A gorgeous way to ensure that once you’ve had your colour professionally applied that it STAYS, is to:

  • Add the colour to your conditioner everytime you condition. I have stopped washing my hair everyday, and condition my hair twice a week, so I add a few squirts of the yellow to the conditioner and leave it in for a good 10 minutes, to just top up the colour lightly without having to go ALL in with a full re-colour.
  • Don’t wash your hair as much as you normally would. Ladies you can train your hair to not need to be washed all the time because it’s a clever lil thing. Get to know her and know she doesn’t need a full cleanse every single day. Don’t worry, she’s a tough old gal.
  • Use heat protection products/sprays when you’re treating your hair because this can really damage and prevent your colour from staying! Your hair is a strong woman however this doesn’t mean she doesn’t need protection once in a while, so make sure you’re using heat protection sprays when you’re styling and drying her! Also (and I know this may sound extra) but if you’re going to be out all day in the sun, throw a bit on then to just ensure mother natures rays don’t get you in a frizz.


Ladies there we have it, the top products that I have been using recently that keep my yellow bowl in PERFECT tip top condition. I truly have never had such bouncy and soft hair since i’ve been using the Redken products, which were kindly sent to me from their gorgeous PR team! Thanks ladies! If you want to get your hands on any of the products mentioned here, head over to Feel Unique to get 30% off now!

FullSizeRender (2)

Send me some gorgeous pictures of your coloured hair over on Instagram or Twitter ladies, and share your top tips on how to keep your colour and shine ALL at the same time.

All the love,




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