Month: June 2017

The Internet Is Still Real Life

One thing that I have noticed as I sit here with a glass of white and my whole ass just out on this hilariously angled garden chair, is that there is a huge distance and separation when it comes to people’s habits online and their habits in real life. (Yes

How To Make Your Hair Colour LAST

Ladies a question that I get asked maybe at least 309409 times a day is ‘HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR HAIR YELLOW?’ and I thought I know, lets make a post to discuss the many ways in which I retain my lemon powers through my barnet.   SHAMP – WHO?


I’m sat here, in a bar, with a wine and a large slice of something delicious (I just asked for anything dessert wise that was yellow), contemplating how to start this post. One thing that I actually do find about political and social landscapes coming up to an election or

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