SummerTEA Cold Brew and TEA LOLLIES with Bluebird Tea!

This months Bluebird tea box was full of SUCH bangers and I am in such love with the collection it’s literally SUCH A SWEET little treat box of fresh, summery, floral and fruity AND INFORMATIVE because of their new EXAM TRIO range! Lets take a little dive into all the fun and see what Bluebird have in store for us this Summer!


The Exam Trio:

Feeling stressed about exams and want some solace? Why not take your usual beverage and make it SO much more beneficial! Bluebird have created a trio names after the PRECISE feelings that you want whilst going through potentially one of the most DISGUSTING times of your life (trust me and do a fashion degree there are NO exams). Relax, All Nighter and Hocus Focus feature natural ingredients that help you to do … well as it says on the TIN!

Relax features white tea and a chamomile blend to help you snooze off to bed and ensure you give yourself some me time after a long days revision. If you’re like me then you were an All Nighter queen, and the tea version contains naturally charged ingredients such as Yerba Mate and cocoa nibs to top you up with natural and healthy levels of caffeine. Now when it comes down to the crunch, Hocus Focus is here for you when you NEED HER. She will get you RIGHT down to business when you need it most, and is packed full of ginger and ginseng to be your metaphorical and educational cheerleader whilst you enlighten your brain with SO many nutritious facts.


When it comes to the Summer collection, the flavour is here and she is STAYING FOR A DRINK. Lets jump straight into what Bluebird have to offer this summer ladies and how we can try and enjoy them in the sun as MUCH as possible!

One In A Melon

A White tea served with LITERAL pomengranate flowers, freeze dried straberries and black peppercorns, this bad boy packs a FRUITY punch and smells like your favourite childhood sweets ALL at once. A look ladies.
Ginger Beer

This isn’t me being ridiculously dramatic (I promise) but I had this tea in the corner of my room waiting to be tasted, and I could smell her BEAMING at me all week as she sat there and teased me with her gingery ways. The aroma is punchy and we have the ginger, lime and rooibos infused tea to thank for that. SUCH a perfect tea for cold brewing which we will get onto in JUST  a sec!
Summer of Love

Now ladies we all know I am an 80s queen, however I am partial to a little throw back to the 60s for some GROOVY Summer vibes with this bamboo leaf tea. This one is absolutely aesthetically GORGEOUS and is full of chamomile, lavender, cornflowers and calendula petals. Totally rad.

Pineapple Sorbet

Such a pungent fruity number that is packed with refreshing lemongrass, sumac berries and LITERAL FREEZE DRIED PINEAPPLE. Just like her sister ‘Ginger Beer’, she smells iconic and is definitely another one for the cold brew.


Now call be old fashioned however I never realised you could make tea WITHOUT boiling water, but here we are in 2017 and I am about to tell you how to make the most gorgeous cold brew concoctions with a cold brew bottle, or… you could DEFINITELY make shift your own sensual piece of tea kit.

The wonderful people at Bluebird sent me their GINORMOUS share size cold brew bottle that is perfect for all the summer brews. All you need to do is add 7 tea spoons (or a few generous handfuls) of your favourite cold brew tea, add some freshly crisp cold water and give a circular swirl! Chill her in the fridge overnight and WAKE UP to the most refreshing, crisp and fruity drink ever. Perfect to start the day with and a gorge size bottle to keep you topped up ALL DAY!


Now ladies you didn’t think that i’d be here to share all this incredible tea with you and NOT give you a hilariously chic recipe? Why not take your favourite cold brew, and turn her into a frozen GODDESS (nowhere near Elsa)! I have used the Summer of Love brew here and turned them into AMAZING ICE LOLLIES! Let me take you through it babes.


  • 1 Cold Brew Bottle
  • A Generous helping of your favourite Summer Bluebird Tea
  • Some water… obviously
  • Fresh or Frozen Berries
  • Ice Lolly holders
  • A Freezer


  1. Overnight, follow the instructions above to make a GORGEOUS cold brew of your favourite Summer Bluebird Tea. I’ve used the Summer Of Love brew.
  2. Wake up in the morning and SCREAM because you’re going to be making ice lollies and you’ll be in the knowledge that you’ll have them by dinner time.
  3. Take your cold brew out of the fridge and give it a shake.
  4. Add a tea spoon of berries to each lolly mould, and then top up to the top with cold brew infusion.
  5. Add a LITTLE sprinkle of the actual tea to the mix, just so you can be reminded of what gorgeous beverage you’re drinking.
  6. Add the lids to the lolly moulds and ensure they’re sealed TIGHT and the stick is firmly in the liquid.
  7. Freeze your bad boys for 8-12 hours.
  8. Take your lollies out on a summers eve, maybe after a nice dinner out in the garden, take them out of their moulds and ENJOY YOUR LOLLIES!


These were such a treat to make and I definitely felt like I was on Blue Peter whilst making them. I hope you’re feeling inspired to try out the amazing offerings at Bluebird, and I finally got to pop down to my local store in Brighton last weekend to experience the FUN and extravagance of the store and it’s JUST what I imagined it to be! Fun, fabulous and there was actually a little tea tasting lesson going on in the corner which was SO CUTE! I also tried their rhubarb and custard cold brew AND got a packet of their famous BLUE RASPBERRY tea (which changes colour when lemon juice is added) which I can’t WAIT to share with you ladies… peep the instagram story for that! If you want to try any of the tea’s mentioned ladies or if you’ve seen something that’s taken your fancy over on their website, then use the code LEOTEABIRD77 to save some money! YOU’RE WELCOME! All tea’s and brew bottles were gorgeously sent to me as part of me being a BLUE BIRD REP!

Now enjoy yourselves as we approach Summer and HAVE SOME FUN!

All the love,





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