What is ‘A Vision For Change’ and how can it help YOU?

Stonewall, an LGBT+ charity that campaigns for acceptance without acceptance for LGBT+ people across Britain has announced, along with the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, their plan for the next five years for trans people across Britain. This document, named ‘A Vision For Change’, reflects the issues that face trans people in the UK, and what can be done to address these issues. Stonewall has created a document that contains 3 KEY sections that they, and the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group help to develop a CLEAR and succinct VISION FOR CHANGE. I am here to outline this vision so we can begin to create a more trans inclusive Britain for the future generations of trans people, and the existing trans human beans who are floating around Britain at the moment. The document contains information on:

  • Language and its influence on trans people
  • The current trans landscape in Britain
  • Stonewalls response to this landscape and a detailed description of their vision
  • How public and private institutions can be improved for trans people
  • Changing laws and ensuring equal rights, responsibilities and legal protections for trans people


vision for change 2


‘I am very proud to be a trans ally. It was incredibly important to me that Stonewall too stepped up to take its place as an ally.’ – Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive, Stonewall


The document is based on a shared mission: that trans people have the right to live full and authentic lives at work, home and in public. The Stonewall Trans Advisory Group have spent years researching and talking to trans people all across Britain to inform their research, and have now released their vision to highlight how they want Britain to change for trans people by 2022. After 5 years they will then discuss the results that have occurred over that time and see what progress needs to be done.

To read the full report and see just what Stonewall and the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group have detailed in their document and research, you can read a full copy HERE. Let this also infiltrate your minds and thought processes when it comes to living and being an ally for trans people over the next few years, and try to ensure that YOU can take the information that’s displayed in the document and spread the message of love, hope and trans acceptance across Britain, and the wider world.

All the love,




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