Spilling The T-Shirt

Ladies if you said to me this time last year, even six months ago that i’d be doing a blog post on my favourite T-SHIRTS, I would’ve slapped you and told you to get back to spreading your LIES, however here I am showing you my new favourite fashion item. I have grown to realise and find that the TShirt is the modern day billboard. It professes your loves, your favourite colours, your thoughts and inspirations and the people that you love. They say something about you, and what other way is there to show you the power of the T-Shirt by shooting my three favourites in the most DRAMATIC ways possible. Take a look at my favourite T-Shirts of the moment, and get inspired to get SPILL THAT T (SHIRT).



T-Shirt – Phillip Normal

Dungarees – The Vintage Scene

Shoes – New Look


T-Shirt – Homage Tees UK

Trousers – Top Shop

Shoes – Who KNOWS ladies

Fascinator – Marks and Spencer


T-Shirt – 8 DIX

Shirt – Asos Markeplace

Skirt – New Look

Shoes – New Look


HONEY I hope you got YOUR LIFE with this look book, I am loving doing shoots and lil look books to showcase my wardrobe becasue I need to SHARE more of my fashion loves on here because my style and creating looks is one of my lifes FAVOURITE things. Let me know what you think and tag me in your favourite T-Shirt looks over Spring/Summer LADIES!

Styling: Me

Photography: Ben Pechey

All the love,



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