Treat YOURSELF to the wonderful world of the HONEY POP CLUB!

Now as someone who continually likes to treat themselves to 48098 hot drinks a day adorned every single add on possible, it is definitely a known fact that I love to treat myself. Whenever things are tough, hard or just plain BORING, treating myself to lifes delights is indeed a great way to improve my mood, and probably include another yellow item into my life. One of my new favourite treats to indulge on is the hand picked and ever so fruitful, HONEY POP CLUB Subscription boxes. Now as someone who adores authenticity and individuality, the Honey Pop badges scream just that, due to the fact that the brands that are included change each month, and are hand picked by the one and only Amanda Davies, who runs the Honey Pop Kisses blog, and is an official fashion guru after spending her whole life and career in the fashion industry. Not only does she blog about cruelty free brands, the most insteresting and unique fashion and A LOT of colour (nearly enough to put me to shame), she also discusses empowering topics such as mental health and anxiety, which add a human touch to the glitz and glamour of blogging. That is why I think her subscription box was JUST up my street, and I am today featuring the February box. Scroll down for pictures and more information on the boxes ladies… there are some TRUE goodies inside!


The FEBRUARY box was iconic and actually came at the BEST time because I had just finished a red lipstick AND had started adorning my ‘Nancy Boy’ leather jacket with pins and stickers, so this was a perfectly timed letterbox drop. Brands such as Cousins Collective and Little Arrow are iconic for people looking to increase their pin and patch collection, and these will look super chic on my leather. Also the HUGE ANTI FUR badge, which was heavily featured at London Fashion Week this Spring, is a nice little addition for any activists wanting to tell the fashion industry to FUCK THEIR FUR. Sara Hill, make up artist to the stars has been included in February’s box, with her indie make up brand providing bright pigments and a gorgeous classic red, perfect for me as I have just finished my all time favourite red from Urban Decay. Not too dry, not too glossy, the ICONIC everyday red that will last you from that first brew in the morning to your last one in bed at night. Perfection. And all the products are on top of a gorgeous print from indie brand Stag and Raven, producing this perfectly pink print art. Chic.

The personalisation makes these boxes PERFECT and really gives them the feel of your friend sending you a parcel of goodies every month, and that’s just why it’s perfect to TREAT YOURSELF with. You can order the boxes individually as one off purchases, or you can subscribe to the monthly service so they are delicately dropped to your door evey month. Each box is indepdently hand picked and  contains independent, growing and curely free brands which is just why it’s perfect for us angels!

If you’re interested in taking a look at the Subscription boxes then click HERE! And make sure you check out the Honey Pop Kisses blog, featuring an indepth look into the modern day human being who’s navigating fashion, life and society!

Thank you to the gorgeous Amanda for allowing me to review her subscription box, you’re an absolute babe and we NEED to shoot something chic soon!

All the love,



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