Month: May 2017

SummerTEA Cold Brew and TEA LOLLIES with Bluebird Tea!

This months Bluebird tea box was full of SUCH bangers and I am in such love with the collection it’s literally SUCH A SWEET little treat box of fresh, summery, floral and fruity AND INFORMATIVE because of their new EXAM TRIO range! Lets take a little dive into all the

Hate Crimes: What You Need To Know

Now ladies, as members of the LGBTQIA+ community, or allies, we need to be aware of the legal protections that we have when it comes to circumstances of violence, hate and bigotry. GALOP, a group of laywers who set it as their mission to change society and create a community

What is ‘A Vision For Change’ and how can it help YOU?

Stonewall, an LGBT+ charity that campaigns for acceptance without acceptance for LGBT+ people across Britain has announced, along with the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, their plan for the next five years for trans people across Britain. This document, named ‘A Vision For Change’, reflects the issues that face trans people

Cruelty Free Beauty Product HEAVEN

  Beauty products come from far and wide, and are listed as essentials for us GLAMAZONS, so something that I have been trying to do recently is ensure that my products are cruelty free and kind to the environment. Going cruelty free doesn’t only mean that I am working my

5 Things To Know When Supporting Young Trans People

Find out my 5 top tips that are essential for anyone who is new to educating themselves about trans issues, and wants to know how to support the young trans people in their lives!

Spilling The T-Shirt

Ladies if you said to me this time last year, even six months ago that i’d be doing a blog post on my favourite T-SHIRTS, I would’ve slapped you and told you to get back to spreading your LIES, however here I am showing you my new favourite fashion item.

Treat YOURSELF to the wonderful world of the HONEY POP CLUB!

Now as someone who continually likes to treat themselves to 48098 hot drinks a day adorned every single add on possible, it is definitely a known fact that I love to treat myself. Whenever things are tough, hard or just plain BORING, treating myself to lifes delights is indeed a

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