How To Make ChocolaTEA

WELCOME to my wonderful website ladies, and if you’re new then WELL HELLO, take a seat, get a brew and enjoy yourself because this weeks post is another recipe that is coming at you courtesy of the GORGEOUS tea’s from Bluebird Tea Company. After the incredible chocolate sensation that were my Chocolate Digestive Tea Biscuits, this month I am going to make it simple and iconic, and HERE is my recipe for Carrot Cake Hot Chocolate – a GORGEOUS spicy infusion made with the Carrot Cake TEA from Bluebird, full of Rooibos, Cinnamon, caramelised hazelnut (hazelnut sugar), carrot flakes, vanilla pieces, nutmeg and mallow flowers. Yes you heard right. MALLOW FLOWERS. I have used my favourite hot chocolate as featured in my 2nd Yellow Edit, the wonderfully delicious MORK hot chocolate, to create the carrot cake DELIGHTS. Now it only takes literally 10 minutes so you can also make it in the blink of an eye, or maybe like 3 songs because that’s how most of us measure time. In Britney songs.


  • 3tsps of your favourite HOT CHOCOLATE powder that has to be added to hot milk, not the powders that you just add hot water to. I am using the MORK Hot chocolate because it’s iconic and has a yellow label…
  • 200ml Of Soya Milk/Milk Alternative or Milk
  • A good sprinkle of Carrot Cake Tea by Bluebird Tea Company, or any loose leaf tea that you think will be ICONIC mixed with a hot chocolate
  • Your favourite mug
  • Saucepan
  • Sieve
  • A SMILE (because i’m gay)


  1. Scream because in 10 minutes you’re going to have an AMAZING hot chocolate and your life is absolutely going to be improved.
  2. Add your milk of choice to a pan and begin heating over a medium heat. Make sure you stir her a lot because milk has a tendency to stick to the pan and that’s really annoying.
  3. Once the milk is bubbling away and just LOVING life, sprinkle your tea in. I didn’t really know how much to put in, however I added enough to cover the surface area of the pan with tea, and it turned out perfectly. IMG_8386
  4. Simmer the tea for 10 minutes until the tea has been infused long enough. Dip a finger in and try the milk. If it takes deliciously spicy and iconic then you know it’s done.
  5. Strain the milk through a sieve into a separate bowl. Push the tea leaves in the sieve to get all the milk that they’ve soaked up out. But be careful because you don’t want to hurt your tea because LOOK at all it’s doing for you.IMG_8389
  6. Add a small amount of the milk back to the pan and add the hot chocolate to this mini mixture. Whisk heavily to ensure that the chocolate is incorporated with the milk. IMG_8390
  7. Add the rest of the milk to the pan and heat until exquisitely warm enough for you to drink.
  8. Transport to your favourite mug and ENJOY!
  9. Think about how amazing you are and how much you DESERVE this hot chocolate whilst also thinking about how amazing I am for giving you the idea and recipe.


NOW THERE YOU HAVE IT LADIES! You’re welcome. The easter collection from bluebird tea is still available on their website, and you can get 20% off with code LEOTEABIRD77 as I have said before ladies I don’t earn commission from this code so it’s PURELY for your enjoyment! Now send me pictures of your hot chocolateas (OH MY GOD THIS WAS A TYPO BUT NOW I THINK THIS IS AN AMAZING WORD – CHOCOLATEAS… sorry I am just shook that this has come from a typo HAHA).

Lots of love and until next time,




One comment

  1. Kate says:

    I love the bit ‘ A Smile – because I’m gay’ i could literally picture you as if you were on this morning telling the world how to make you amazing hot chocolate and then BAM – showstoppong smile! Love it!
    Love the hot chocolate too! 🙂


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