If you are a TRUE LPE lover and potential stalker you will know that I go to university just outside London at UCA Epsom, meaning that a lil train ride to London only takes me 30 minutes. London is one of the most diverse and iconic cities in the world and I am SO greatful to be able to say that it’s on my doorstep. As an LGBTQIA+ person it’s important for me to live and work in an environment where I feel comfortable and accepted and London has been able to give me a lot of that confidence, acceptance and creativity that I desire. There are still ups and downs with the big smoke however overall it’s been an uplifting entity in my life so THANKS LONDON!

Recently I went to some GORGEOUS blogging events in London and thought I would share some pictures with you from the events! Again as I’ve spoken about on here and on my social channels before, I feel it’s really important to be representing my community and the LGBTQIA+ Trans/Gender Non Conforming community at events like this to show a different angle and perspective that a lot of the heteronormative outlooks have on the beauty/fashion industry. 

Me and Emma were lucky enough to have got tickets to go to the Blogosphere Cafe, a mixer for bloggers, brands and the team from the magazine to chat, workshop and just CHIN WAG! It was great to speak to the team and see that Blogosphere Magazine – a  quarterly publication for bloggers BY bloggers – is championing diversity, politics and REAL life issues, and not just the most recent Yankee candles (am I right ladies). They’re taking the time to create content that digs deeper than what appears on social media, as seen in their raw interview with Zoella in Issue 11, and with the ever so gorgeous and empowering Dina Tokio in isssue 12. Fingers crossed I will be gracing the pages sometime in the future! Take a look at some pics from the event below shot by Emma.

I also graced the ever so CHIC Remington and New Look Press events this week. Showing my little lemon face was definitely a humbling and amazing moment for me as my blog is only ONE and it definitely made me reflect on how much I had accomplished this year and how much more I have to achieve this year! 

Remington were celebrating their 80th birthday and the launch of their AirPlates hair straighteners which I was BLESSED to get engraved with my lil Leopardprintelephant trademark. Amazing. 

Also when you’re so close to Chelsea it felt very fitting to join the 39387 other bloggers taking pictures in the blossom because? WHY NOT? I’m basically a candle blogger now. 

Ladies feel free to take these pictures and use them as screen savers, placemats, coasters, profile pictures… the works. You name it, I want to see it there. Just thought I’d share some pictures from the blogging world this week as it’s been really enlightening to actually experience the community and meet some really amazing contributors to the world! And thank you for making all this happen with your continued love and support! YOU ARE THE BEST LADIES!

Have an amazing easter weekend my lovelies and I’ll see you SOON!

Lots of love 


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