Bluebird Tea EASTER COLLECTION Eleganza

Can you believe that it’s nearly Easter? Like I know it’s a ridiculous British thing for me to discuss how fast time is going however? EASTER? REALLY? A good way to deal with the fact that Easter is looming is to take a dip into the NEW Easter Collection from Bluebird tea and see what HILARIOUSLY inventive flavours they have created.

Carrot Cake Tea

Carrot cake is like TRULY one of my all time favourites. She’s been there through thick and thin and she KNOWS the true tea… so to have my one and only made into a delicious brew is just what the Easter bunny ordered. Intensely sweet and spicy, this brew will leave you wanting a slice of the real thing. 

Hot Cross Bun Tea

A true staple of the Easter period, a HCB will transport you to Easter Friday with a brew, wrapped up in your duvet and preparing yourself for the onslaught of chocolate that is about to occur. A true new firm favourite of mine as it kind of tastes like Christmas, however actually does go down PERECTLY with a buttery toasted golden HCB. Flawless.

Easter Egg Nest Tea

I was SO excited to try this one and honey she was giving me SUCH rice crispy cake flashbacks I felt like I was at a 3 year olds cake sale all over again. This one would be perfect infused with milk to make a GORGEOUS hot chocolate. It packs a smooth, slightly sweet and humble taste on its own. Why not throw a few mini eggs into the mug? What have we got to lose?

5 Mix and Matcha Teas

Ladies if you’re a TRUE Leopardprintelephant fan you will know I have already received the CHIC matcha teas from Bluebird in a previous post, and let me tell you they’re the BEES KNEES, (if anyone knows the true meaning of that then please let me know because the image of bees knees is HILARIOUS). And the cocoa matcha is STILL amazing mixed with some hot soya to make a healthy chic hot choc. You’re welcome. 

IF you haven’t already taken FULL ADVANTAGE of my discount code with Bluebird tea, then you can use it NOW (sadly only once…) on all Tea and Matcha …


… And ladies I do not earn any commission from such goings on so do not worry… all is above board and honest here.

Now go and treat yourself and your family to some TEA this easter, because what’s better than gorging on a choccy egg and then treating yourself to an easter brew!

Lots of love, 

Leopardprintelephant xoxo


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