The Yellow Edit 2.0


Here we are again dear reader and … lets be honest it was only a matter of time before I did another Yellow edit, I mean just look at me I am basically my own yellow edit every single day. Let me show you my favourite Yellow items that I have found over the course of 2017 so far, and … at the end of March make sure you keep your eyes and ears open to see how you can get your hands on some of the items featured here in my 1ST BIRTHDAY GIVE AWAY!

OGX Lemon Highlights Shampoo

The gorgeous Jessica over at OGX sent me these PERFECTLY coloured shampoo’s to test, and before my luscious locks were transformed to their yellow waves that they are now, I was a cool blonde. This OGX shampoo and conditioner set includes lemon citrus oil, lime extract and coconut oil to ensure you hair colour isn’t maintained to ensure you’re a blonde ICON, but also keeps you smooth and soft so you can run your hands through your hair NO END. Bright, yellow AND citrus scented. What’s not to love honey.



Ecco Iola Card Case

Now she’s going upmarket and has DELVED into the gorgeous leather goods from ECCO. Throughout the whole process, from design to production, ECCO are socially and environmentally conscious and want to ensure they’re creating the best product for YOU, and also me, and when I say me I mean anything that’s yellow, JUST LIKE this card case. Now I feel like owning a card case is something that only happens when you’ve reached PEAK maturity, and I am obviously there (Yes I am … How dare you question my maturity as I write this post dressed head to toe in yellow). This is going to keep me business chic for the foreseeable future, and I am so ready. It’s also SO easy to get the cards out like I thought it would be difficult to slide all my cards out when i’m buying my 23409th Starbucks of the day but what do you KNOW, it truly is.


Bluebird Tea Lemon Matcha Tea

We are all deeply aware of my love affair with Bluebird, and I just HAD to feature their Lemon Matcha tea in my Yellow edit because although technically green, this lemon matcha truly makes it feel like you are bathing in and amongst 39892 lemons. I could smell the aroma through the tin AND through the plastic wrapping, which I instantly knew was a good sign. Matcha tea and all it’s antioxidant and life affirming, healthy boost benefits are JUST what the doctor ordered on a monday morn, and the infusion of lemon is just the icing on the metaphorical cake (What about a lemon matcha cake… recipe idea’s GALORE this month). (Don’t forget you can get 20% off your first order at Matcha with code LEOTEABIRD77 ladies! Perfect for Mothers Day).



Kiko High Pigment Wet And Dry Eyeshadow – 19 Matte Yellow 

Ladies I have been yellow eye shadow’less since 2016 and have been using the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in shade ‘Queen Bee’ on my eyelids instead and although the colour is OUT STANDING, it’s a little drying and tends to crack on my eyelids (not chic). HOWEVER I have found the most pigmented yellow eyeshadow to DATE and it’s the Kiko High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in shade 19, Matte Yellow, AND, to make this even better it only retails for £6.90 for 2g of product. (This sounds ridiculously small but the pan size is PERFECT). When my sideburns started to fade from their yellow awakening, I started to put the yellow eyeshadow in my hair because it was THAT pigmented. Ladies, just check my instagram to see it in action because I have literally been wearing it on my eyes every single day.


Mörk Hot Chocolate 

Thank you to the GORGEOUS team at The Gilded Tea Pot who have started stocking this GORGEOUS hot chocolate in store, and kindly sent me the Mörk Hot Chocolate GOODIES. I have never absolutely screamed for hot chocolate before, like around christmas yes I will dip my toes into the hot chocolate world, however if i’m in bed on an eve and want to indulge – it’s usually a brew and a couple (of packs) of biscuits. HOWEVER, dear reader don’t even think this is me just writing these opinions because I have to, BECAUSE TRUST me this Hot Chocolate has changed my life. I have been trying the Junior Dark 50% variety because I am only a beginner and I don’t want to rush into things… i’m a slow burner. The Coconut sugar adds a perfect sweetness and is just the perfect amount of sweet. Not too much so you’re literally solidifying your arteries like a stick of rock, but also just enough so it’s a nice little treat for yourself, because YOU DESERVE THAT.



Now ladies keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks to get your hands on some of these AMAZING goodies, FREE OF CHARGE, and some more of my personal favourites items that make me… well ME that I have featured here! To celebrate my 1st Birthday at I am going to be doing a HUGE Birthday give away to say thank you for making this year AMAZING, SO make sure you don’t sleep on the month of march because you could be getting some GORGEOUS goodies from this Yellow Edit, and much much MORE!

Keep it chic ladies, and until the next Yellow edit…





  1. Wooo, yellow…such a happy colour! I love OGX hair products!


  2. […] tea’s from Bluebird Tea Company. After the incredible chocolate sensation that were my Chocolate Digestive Tea Biscuits, this month I am going to make it simple and iconic, and HERE is my recipe for Carrot Cake Hot […]


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