Chocolate Digestive Flavoured Tea BISCUIT RECIPE? (WHAT?)

Let me take you on a culinary journey ladies as we take a NEW angle to the website, and feature some of the AMAZING Bluebird teas over the coming months in a monthly SURPRISE RECIPE! This month I have decided to feature the ever so indulgent Chocolate Digestive Tea into a quick, easy and tempting treat … that is in itself, very ironic.
Chocolate Digestive Tea Biscuits 

I know. The title of this recipe is ridiculous however just bare with me. The chocolate digestive tea is packed full of flavour, and contains real cocoa nibs ensuring a strong and giving flavour. I decided to infuse this tea INTO a classic biscuit recipe to create a gorgeous late afternoon treat.

  •  250g Butter
  • 125g golden caster sugar
  • 25ml Almond Milk
  • 300g Plain Flour 
  • 5-10g of Bluebird Tea Chocolate Digestive Tea (dependent on your flavour abilities and desires)
  • Dark chocolate nibs (gorgeous word)


(Goodness I feel so Nigella/Mary Berry writing this) (Ps: imagine Nigella and Mary combined… Nigella Berry … what an AMAZING drag name) I DIGRESS.

  1. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that you are about to make something so delicious and just smile to yourself because in like half an hour you’ll have BISCUITS.
  2. (The proper step one) Take your butter and add it to a saucepan and melt over a medium heat, stirring at all times. Add your GLORIOUS Bluebird tea (I know this feels odd) and stir until all your butter is melted, and the concoction has turned a glorious dark brown colour.

PRO TIP from me (a real pro …….. um yeah) to get the MOST of your flavour from the tea, always try and infuse the loose leaves with a liquid and allow to sit and mellow, in whatever recipe you’re doing. Adding loose leaf tea in on its own can be chic and can look fun and speckeldy. However, the intensity of the flavour can lack, depdent on the brew, so always try and add your tea to either a butter, milk or water to really PACK the punch.

3. Strain your butter through a sieve to catch all your glorious chocolate digestive tea, and keep the butter and put it to one side and allow to cool to room temperature. This is the sad part… you may discard of your bluebird tea. (Try not to cry… it’s hard I know).

4. Once your butter has cooled mix the sugar, butter, dark chocolate nibs and milk together in a bowl, and maybe throw the radio on and have a bit of a sing along because you’re actually baking now and you can just imagine you literally are on the bake off.

5. Once you’ve managed to get sugar, butter and milk ABSOLUTELY everywhere, slowly sieve the flour into the mixture and slowly prepare to use 49273 cleaning sponges to get this flour out of every single crevasse of your kitchen. Mix the flour in until you have a soft but pliable dough.

6. Shape and place on a greaseproof lined baking tray, ensuring they’re uniform. (Tie optional).

7. I probably should’ve told you at the start but like any good baker you should have your oven preheated to 180 degrees centigrade (and that is a certain number on a gas mark oven… of which I will leave you to find out dear reader).

8. Bake for 15 minutes or until you’re just too hungry to even cope.

9. Whilst they’re cooling melt some dark chocolate on a Bain-Marie (or in the microwave if you like to live life on the edge), and drizzle or dip said chocolate onto said cooled biscuits.

10. YOU DID THAT. If you want to just be that extra, enjoy them with a real cup of the Chocolate Digestive Tea from Bluebird however dunking may feel a little canibalistic. 

And there we have it ladies, you’re a tea baker. Who knew the amazing concoctions that we call tea can be used in literally every aspect of life, and not just in your cup. (tea is a good listener and would ALWAYS text you back…) NOW GO and experiment. Use your own teas, break some tea bags and experiment ladies and send me pictures of your creations on my socials! (You know the drill).

ALSO if you want to treat yourself to some Bluebird tea to create this recipe, or the other recipes on Bluebird’s website, or if you want to create your own masterpieces from that very head of yours I have a non profit discount code for you! Just add the code LEOTEABIRD77 at the checkout for 20% off!

Lots of love ladies and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway this mo th to celebrate my first birthday… who knows there might be some BLUEBIRD tea in there !!! 




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  2. Wow, these look so nice! I have just tweeted this! 😃


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