Bluebird Tea Co. Spring Collection with 20% OFF!

When I started this website my main aim was to create a platform where I could share and create a safe space for people and for myself to be able to discuss LGBTQIA+ issues and be a voice, and a mega phone for so many marginalised people, as a form of content that they’ll be able to relate to and feel like they’re finally reading something that they understand and get.

However, despite this I still want to be able to produce fun, insightful and light hearted content that is more of a “HEY GUYS look at these super cute things that I love and I want you to try because I love them and you will too” HENCE why today’s post is my FIRST post as a Bluebird Tea Co Representative! I was super honoured to be chosen as a rep and I mean what’s not to love? TEA? And my ridiculously vivid and sometimes audacious descriptions of fairly ordinary objects. Now, let’s get into this Springs new collections (LAUNCHING 12th March, SOME ALREADY ON SITE LADIES) from Bluebird Tea Co. and you better brace yourselves because you’re about to be SHOOK.

I love tea with a PURPOSE. TEA WITH A MESSAGE, and I have been overjoyed at finding these new teas that help energise, calm or just make you smile, as I have been looking for a healthier, more natural alternative to our good friend, the cappachino.

The Yerba Mate MORNING KICK definitely does what it says on the tin. The lemon and ginger in this brew pack a punch, and then health benefits from the Yerba Mate are definitely better for my yellow conscience than a deep black Americano. Perfect for the morning commute and definitely kicks any sleep deprivation out of you ladies.

Dozy Girl, (why did you call me?) is the PERFECT companion in bed, and definitely won’t try anything with you in the morning;) Anything with rose incorporated into it for me is a winner, and the slightly sweet essence of the rose and chamomile is the perfect combination to send this little lemon to sleep. ALSO THEYRE CALLED TEA PARCELS HOW CUTE!

Although strawberry lemonade doesn’t necessarily have a purposeful health benefit, it’s definitely one of those little pick me ups that you’ll look forward to on the walk home. Perfect for when you finally get home and into bed after being caught in a spring shower.

Skinny Minny is ICONIC and definitely a unique and must have tea for all my angels who suffer with IBS or metabolic issues. One of the main ingredients (Peurh… I know ??? who knew) is named after the Chinese province that it’s created in, and is fermented (stay with me ladies) resulting in a super rich, aromatic and intense flavour that has AMAZING microbial properties in the stomach, hence it’s amazing digestive powers.

Chocolate digestives: PERFECT with a splash of almond milk and enjoyed as a pudding. Truly iconic

Purple Rain: The name says it all ladies, the colour is almost as intense and aromatic as the tea. Parma violets. Enough said.

Guarana Chai: Guarana itself is known for having energising properties so perfect for the early morning boost.

White choc mint: ABSOLUTE fave, literally incredible and has the perfect combination and ratio of sweet to mint. If I could I would bathe in this beauty.


Blueberry Pancake: Based off a Rooibos, perfect for a guilt free pancake experience. Although fuck guilt free, have it with some real pancakes.

Bears Like Marmalade: A real fruit concoction, Paddington bear would be proud with this zesty sweet masterpiece.

Peanut Butter and Banana: UGH SO up there with the white choc mint as one of my ALL time favourites. Truly a masterpiece and an all American DREAM. STUNNING.

Maple Bacon Pancakes: As you can tell from the picture I just couldn’t wait to try this one and BOY was I not disappointed. Smoky, sweet and to be honest, SEXY. Definitely in the top three.

To end this Spring collection I was very kindly sent a truly iconic and unique product in the form of Bluebirds ‘Sticky Chai’ which has actually been blended by the UK’s ‘Chai Champion’, (what a title) and can be brewed in a multitude of ways. (Well two mainly but… you get my chai drift). Add to water or milk and leave to brew to create an almost sticky toffee ‘esque style brew. ABSOLUTELY amazing as a crowd pleaser and will 100% wow when you ask people to feel just how sticky your chai is. (Steady on).

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to the amazing people at Bluebird for choosing me as one of their tea reps, because it’s truly amazing to be working with brands that I adored even before this whole process began! And thank you to George from Bluebird for organising all the amazing send outs, you’re a star!

Now this monthly feature wouldn’t be complete without a DISCOUNT for you angels. Online get your fill and STOCK UP on the amazing teas feature here when they drop on the 12th March, or go and check out the gorgeous teas and tea EQUIPMENT (so chic) and get 20% off with code LEOTEABIRD77 and TAG me and Bluebird in your pictures of your amazing tea deliveries! 

Thank you so much ladies and keep your eyes peeled for more Bluebird every month from now on!

Lots of love,



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  1. Bluebird tea’s look so fun! I have seen so many blog posts about them recently! 😄. Really want to try them now! Thanks for sharing

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