February Favourites

WELCOME to the end of February and the beginning of march ladies can you actually believe that we are on month THREE of this year already like that is a bit much for my brain to cope with at this moment in time. TIME IS PASSING so to chill out and relax, I am going to take you on a journey through my favourites this month and show you what I have been ADORING and what you need to get your hands on A S A P. (Obviously some of these items are yellow because well… did you not get the memo when you signed up?).

  1. Moo Business Cards

LADIES i’ve gone professional and you know it’s the time to make it SUPER chic so thanks to the amazing people at Moo I haven created the most efficient and on point business cards to date. They’re clear, concise and I mean they couldn’t really be anyone else’s could they? I’ve been off to blogger meet ups and networking events recently so it’s been SUPER satisfying to be like “DOLL  TAKE A CARD”. Ladies if you’re looking for any business cars/cards/office supplies or anything printer CHECK out Moo, and get £10 off your first order HERE. 

2. Proelle Organic Nourish & Hydrate Night Cream 

Although this little pot looks like it would last you 1 hour, it is PACKED full of organic, natural ingredients that help soothe the skin and to do exactly what it says on the tin – nourish and hydrate. The team at Proelle have created an amazing formulated product that goes on silkily smooth, almost with a serum texture, to calm and moisturise the skin with it’s soothing ingredients. I received this as a gift after the Noctis Magazine launch and haven’t stopped using it since. Because it’s quite intense I love to use a little under my night cream or mix them together to create an amazing cocktail of skin therapy. DELICIOUS.

3. Happy Plugs Happy Plugs 

For SO long I have been looking for as many yellow accessories as possible (I think from probably the age of 0.1 I have been clawing for anything yellow), and I am forever grateful for the fact that these Yellow headphones from Happy Plugs have popped into my yellow tinted aura. Perfect audio quality and the trusty microphone for talking like a commuter on the go, they’re P E R F E C T to match with every other single yellow aspect of my life.

4. The True Tea Club

Now if you’re a regular reader of this platform that I call my website,  you will be aware that I have a huge love for tea, so this AMAZING subscription box from the team at The True Tea Club is just what I need in my life. Based in York, the True Tea Club specialise in 7 loose leaf tea’s, and deliver free to the UK delicious hand packaged tea to your doorstep, with the CUTEST little DIY tea bags to create your own little tea parcels. In each box you receive 4 different loose leaf tea’s, 4 tea bags, and a welcome card and instructions! All boxes can be tailored for your tea needs, and can be ordered in 3 different subscription packages. Enough for 40 cups, 60 cups or a TEAriffic 80 cups, so you can ensure that you will NEVER run out of tea every month because it’s casually delivered to YOUR DOOR! To receive 50% off your first box subscription use code ‘LOVE’ at the checkout to get your tea at an even more affordable price. Ladies… you’re so welcome.

5. ArtFinder

I adore art and obviously doing a Fashion Management and Marketing degree, I have creativity inside of me that I persue ON the daily, so looking at art and seeing how people utilise their creativity is ALWAYS something amazing and inspiring tome. I found the amazing Lauren Van Helmond and Drusilla Cole and their work on Artfinder and just HAD to display it on my website. These screenprints were SCREAMING me so after getting in touch they’re allowing me to feature her work for all to see so ENJOY LADIES, and also go and check their pieces out at ArtFinder HERE and HERE and treat yourself to some bright, fun and quirky work to brighten up your surroundings. It’s a great place to see all my LGBTQIA+ friends and angels to showcase their work, so if you’re out there and think that the heteronormative mainstream art scene isn’t going to take your work – SELL IT ON ARTFINDER ladies and find and make your own community!






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