My Big GAY Weekend

Just before I start this post I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has been there and appreciated and let me know recently that what I have been writing and creating has helped them or has struck a cord with them because that’s all I ever wanted to do with this website, and it’s such a nice thing to hear so THANK YOU!
This week has been AMAZING and honestly one of the most warm, accepting and giving times I’ve experienced in my 19 years on this planet and I just NEEDED to share it all with you! First of all I have started work placement in Shoreditch, London which has been absolutely encompassing and has actually really challenged a lot of parts to myself that I think needed to be tested which has been really exciting! I’m working with a Fashion PR company and it’s a great start to my career to just dip my toes into the working world, because even if I don’t end up working in this arena it’s a great way to gain contacts and just gain real life experience in the industry of which I am learning about (for an unhealthy £9,000 a year). Shoreditch is absolutely amazing and is JUST the arena for me to spread my big gay wings in and just feel encompassed by all the colourful wall art and labour and green supporters everywhere. Truly the dream.

On Friday the DAY had finally come for me to go to the L’Oréal Academy in Hammersmith to work with the AMAZING people at RedKenUK for their new CityBeats hair colour collection. (I know, I’m dead). The shoot was for their new colour collection and will be used across all their social media accounts and it was just honestly SUCH an amazing team and company to work with, and it’s also a great advert for making sure you keep your Instagram on TOP FORM because they found me from my beautifully yellow decorated platform.

The cityBeats collection is based around New York, with the colours emulating famous depictions from the big apple. My colour was ‘Taxi Cab’ Yellow which was just the best name possible, and honestly is the yellow of my dreams. Bright, vibrant, and due to the pH builder they used before they applied the colour, my hair isn’t as damaged as it would’ve been if I had not used RedKen. Adam Browne was the AMAZING hair stylist and Global RedKen colourist that transformed me from blonde bombshell to yellow TEMPTRESS and he was such a huge part of why RedKen were so amazing because he said something to me that REALLY resonated with me about the story of the swan and the ugly duckling, and how if you surround yourself with people who constantly make you think you’re lesser than you are, you will believe you can never achieve greatness. Deep down I think I always knew this however it’s easy to forget it when you’re busy and trying to just get as much experience as possible in the world of work, and I really needed the lil pep talk when I was getting all ‘lemoned’ up.
After the hair came make up and I was LASHED UP, and it was the life I NEED to be living oh my goodness. To say I was beat would be an understatement and the selfies and GLOW were out of this world.

It was such an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to see all the pictures on the RedKen social media channels, it’s definitely going to be a pinch myself moment! I DID THAT LADIES!

Secondly, Saturday brought with it another AMAZING day with Cat, when we were invited to Student Pride! The amazing people at National Student Pride got in touch with me last month and asked me to take part in their social media campaign to get people talking about S E X! This involved depicting a sexual confession on my social channels and getting other people to do the same, (check my Twitter for my potentially scandalous video…) and then me and Cat were allowed to head on over to the event with a press pass so we could shmooz the free cake and the gorgeously busy business rooms. (lots of men, lots of suits).
Despite this it was such an amazing and diverse day, with stalls from the likes of Starbucks, L’Oréal, Adidas, The Terrence Higgins Trust and many other LGBTQIA+ friendly organisations providing their support for the LGBT+ students of not just the UK but the world! I’ve never been to a Pride event before so it was truly an immersive and just FREEING experience. People weren’t worried, people weren’t being judgemental and it was just SUCH another world I adored it. We went to watch the amazing Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) panel discussing the impact that YOU can have in changing the education that people get in schools to make it more inclusive to positively effect ours and their futures. All you need to do is email/ring/GET IN TOUCH with your MP and let them know you need INCLUSIVE SRE in schools because there is a bill being brought to the attention of parliament in March that with your help can MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

PS: OMG ITS me from the future editing this post because they actually DID IT and got inclusive SRE In schools from 2019. Hallelujah ladies.

There was also an amazingly insightful and ADORABLE interview with Olly Alexander from Years And Years, courtesy of the ever in depth and politically charged Evan Davies. Only is LITERALLY on my list of celebrities that I need to be in a relationship with, and let’s just say that list is one person long… HE WAS JUST amazing and not just physically but because he is a voice and a role model for so many LGBT+ people around the world, and he is completely utilising his platform in not just a creatively amazing way, but in a political and social manner to ensure that an impact is left in their wake. Olly. Thank You.

I think the message of this post is not just to tell you about my weekend, but to let you know that if you’re feeling like you’re never going to be able to work/socialise/live/thrive in an environment that’s going to make you feel accepted, honey you will and you are the person who has the keys to be able to make that happen. It’s not always easy and it does a lot of the time feel like working in an inclusive (how many times can I say ‘inclusive’? Drinking game anyone?) and equal environment is completely unrealistic and not viable, but just make sure that if you’re going into any new environment, or if you’re in an environment now where you feel like the swan amongst the ugly ducklings, don’t just soak up that negativity but make sure you try and make the situation better for you, however you intend to do that ok?
Lots of love ladies,

Leopardprintelephant xoxo


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