London Fashion Week And The Blogger Programme Hangout

D A W L I N G S, I hope you’ve all been keeping your eyes peeled for the most stylish and iconic looks and PEOPLE recently because it’s been FASHION WEEK and the glitter-atzi have been in full procession. From street style to catwalks, this season has been the first that I’ve attended and been to blogging events so of course I needed to share ALL the fun with you.
The Blogger Programme Hangout 

If you’re a blogger or want to be a blogger and discuss your favourite products and get the chance to feature them on your website, then The Blogger Programme will be perfect of you. It unites bloggers to their most loved websites and let’s you create relationships that can last FOREVER. From fashion to beauty, to technology and events and experiences, if you want it it’ll be on The Blogger Programme. Me and Emma Mumford took the trip to Soho to explore what they had to offer, and they had MORE than we could’ve imagined. I finally got to try BubbleTea which was CHIC (and of course yellow) and took in the selfie mirrors, gif makers and RING LIGHTS galore. Me and Emma also got to make our OWN bouquets of flowers with Moonpig which was so gorgeous. Who KNEW they had copper flowers? NOT ME? It was a great place to see what all these brands are about and get to know all the EXQUISITELY dressed and made up people. (Honestly everyone looked sO GOOD).

London Fashion Week – 180 The Strand

The main location for FASHUN Week shenanigans was the STRAND (which is surprisingly large for something that’s advertised as being the size of a piece of hair). We all knew that it was going to be different from last year as the Brewer street ambience wasn’t in full force, despite the fact that we were still in Soho. The vibe was chic, and open, perfect to fit all the street style photographers in and the amazingly passionate and stylish people of not just London, but the WORLD. Me and Emma kept it chic and on POINT alas we got photos taken together. It’s just the most amazing way to feel like you are OWNING the runway without auditioning for Drag Race. Literally.

Hanging with bloggers at Fashion week was amazing but made me realise again how heteronormative the fashion industry is, despite the gender norms being broken by designers on the catwalk. It’s truly made realise I need to just be authentic, myself and add my flavour into the mix to ensure that my cherubs from the LGBTQIA+ community are represented as much as possible!

Take a look at some CHIC shots of this season and MAKE sure you try and get to next season to shmooz to your hearts content. If you don’t ask ladies… YOU WILL NEVER KNOW!





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