Now I don’t want to alarm you, but I think this post could contain some of my most CHIC items of clothing EVER. Trousers ladies. Trousers have had an EXPLOSION over the past two years, and the influx of wide, chic, floaty, oversized and essentially DREAMY trousers has meant that my wardrobe (and my bank account) have been struggling to cope. Let me take you on a trip down trouser lane to show you my FAVOURITE pairs I have found this season, and how I am going to take them from Autumn/Winter and transform them to Spring/Summer ’17 delights.

Zara Silver Culottes 

Culottes have boomed over the past 2 years, and ever since their introduction onto the high street, everybody who is anybody (I hate it when people say that what an odd saying) has a pair. From initially being something for trend setters and daring fashion forward types, the culotte is now a staple in the wardrobes of basically EVERYONE the world over. (Slight overestimation there but also … very plausible). Here my Zara culottes SHINE to the Gods in their reflective material exterior. The fact that they fall above the ankle is perfect as it highlights the length of the leg, especially when you’re wearing a heel or even a comfortable booty hell (HA booty). Me and my grace jones tshirt thought that they went perfectly with this silver rollneck, ALSO from Zara, to create a metallic space CHIC look, and of course had to throw in my yellow faux fur scarf from TkMaxx just because well … there was a sincere lack of yellow here.





MOTO Black Vinyl Jamie Jeans 

SEX on legs did I hear you scream? Even the mere notion of Vinyl and I am weak at the knees. These Vinyl high waisted skinny jeans from Topshop are definitely a look and a statement piece that are SO versatile I have already found 2341249 ways to wear them. As someone who’s gender identity is often sexualised, it’s nice to reclaim my own sexuality and fluidity and feel hot to TROT in these jeans. They add a sex appeal that is set to my own limits. Bravo Topshop. I have paired them with my most 80s of blazers below, of course layered to FILTH with my usual concoction of roll necks, shirts and other (probably yellow) paraphernalia.




Marks and Spencer Wide Leg Satin Pink Trousers

Now you know me… not one to wear something on the verge of impractical? Right? Well these trousers are perfect. I have absolutely adored the wide leg look on so many people and models over the past few seasons, and have wondered whether or not I would be able to pull it off, because I usually opt for a cropped number, however these trousers have changed not only my trouser outlook, but potentially my WHOLE LIFE. Almost classing themselves as road sweepers, these trousers create silky swathes of elegance with every step, and they make you look like you know what you’re talking about, even if you don’t. Also who would’ve thought that something this CHIC would’ve come out of Marks and Spencer, and seeing as their fashion sector isn’t doing too well, I can’t see why considering these absolute style steals. I teamed them with my oversized leather jacket and yellow roll neck to create a very catwalk – esque vetements style ‘I haven’t tried but this actually took me 2445 hours to create’ look. You’re welcome ladies.




Floral Abstract Wide Leg Trousers

Bold colours? Ostentatious looking style? Absolutely audacious? CAN RELATE. These trousers are an absolute classic look for me, and have esteemed themselves on the Jamie Windust hall of fame as an iconic look for me. Teamed again similarly with my oversized leather jacket, the raw hem and rough ‘I made these in ten minutes’ look is something that’s SO me. To me they just scream irony and ‘i’m too  much’, and clearly are the antithesis of Chanel’s ever famous ‘take one thing off’ saying. She clearly didn’t know what she was saying… bless her. These are from a charity shop so sadly they can’t be repurchased on the high street, however ladies make your own, or scour your favourite charity/thrift stores to find a similar pair and we can be twins. Is there anything else that you need in life? Didn’t think so.


Ladies let me know if you ADORED these looks, because it was super fun to shoot and I don’t think i’ve quick changed into that many pairs of trousers that quick ever in my life. I hope you’re living for these two posts a week, do let me know your feedback! I adore writing and challenging myself to write two posts a week, and to think of enjoyable content to write and read twice a week – it’s a true challenge which I am LIVING for. Warm regards,




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