How To Make Your Blog The Best – The Leopardprintelephant Way

LADIES welcome to your first Sunday post! Thank you for all the love on Wednesdays post it was super kind of you and it was really fun and thought provoking to write, a classic leopardprintelephant post if you will. THIS SUNDAY for your second post of the week I am here to tell you my top secrets and tips to making the BEST blog out there for you! Blogging in the past decade has blossomed and ballooned and even changed the shape of catwalk shows, as the majority of the FROW is now models/bloggers or online personalities. I have had people ask me this year the best ways to make a blog and I am here to give you some tips on how to make your blog out of this world.

  • Solidify your meaning

When creating my website, I made it to be a place for me to be able to express things that were on my mind, and to share things and feelings that I just felt like I wanted to share with people to offer solidarity, comfort and a safe place, but be unique and authentic. I wanted to be able to be authentic with my content and not just be a product placement page. This is the main beating heart of my website. Authenticity. Behind the brand posts and the sponsored content, there is still that element to my site that I maintain. It’s the heart and you need to find your heart. Whether it be a place for you to vent, a place for you to showcase your work, a place for you to try and make money, whatever your main motivation is, keep it consistent and solidify it.

  • Find your GAP

Treat your website like a product (I know … capitalism), and do some research on existing websites that are similar to yours, see what they’re doing and see how you can position yourself so you’re doing something different to them. Utilise aspects of their design and vibe that you think are successful and make them YOURS. This doesn’t mean blatant copying, but you should be able to do some market research and see where you can slot yourself, and then project where you want to be in the future.

  • Make your site yours

You want people to be able to click on your website and to KNOW that it’s yours. Branding is important because it’s a great way to be able to show what your motivation and your meaning is from the point above. Use it to your advantage and let people know that this is yours. Whether it be a logo, a mural or image, something that is going to scream THIS IS MINE is perfect.

  • Don’t worry

When I started my website, in no way did I think I could work with brands or make money out of it because I didn’t think it was professional enough, and I didn’t think it would have the amount of views and followers that brands and companies would want in a prospective blogger. Now, I realise that it’s not about how many views you have, but the brands that you go to. Don’t worry about working with brands. We live in a world where a website or social media profile is deemed successful if they’re collaborating with brands, and that’s simply not true. Your success is determined by what you write and how you feel about it, and what that content means to you, not by if you’re working with the newest and latest brands.

I am still growing and progressing, however the progress that I have made has meant that I am able to now work with brands and start to use my platform in different ways than I had previously thought would be possible, but I still keep my authenticity and heart in mind when people get in touch with me to work with them because I need to be able to say that I can endorse this company/person in a way that fits with what my site is all about. And that is something that  YOU need to do. Having a backbone, a spine to your work and your website will be the best branding you can ever do, and will get people coming back. Find things that fit for YOUR heart and YOUR authenticity and then go wild with it. Everyone will know when it’s real and when it’s not, so be true to yourselves ladies. The number one thing you need to do is ENJOY YOURSELF. Blogging and creating content for websites isn’t only an amazing skill that you can add to your CV, but it’s something you should be HAPPY about because it’s your site and you’ve decided to do it LADIES!





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