Bluebird Tea Co Mix ‘n’ Matcha Flavored Tea Review

We ALL KNOW that I adore tea ladies as you saw in my January Favourites and in the Yellow Edit – this month I couldn’t get ENOUGH of it, so the LOVELY people at Bluebird Tea Company kindly sent me some of their GORGEOUS new products which I can’t wait to share with you. Bluebird tea personify what I aspire to be in business and as a person, by not only making tea that is out of this world, but being an independent, hard working and loving company that just want to make their customers and staff HAPPY. From loose leaf tea and delicately crafted bags to matcha tea and tea pots, Bluebird offer everything that a tea lover could ever want. Now lets get into this matcha HEAVEN ladies … you’re going to LOVE it.

Pure Grade Matcha


This is your C L A S S I C green tea matcha powder. No frills, no added extras just traditionally grown, traditionally ground matcha powder. It’s vibrant colour creates the most AUDACIOUS coloured tea which is perfect to drink either hot or cold, just like ALL the matcha tea’s in the mix and match set. Full of antioxidants and that classic refreshing, rich matcha flavour, this is PERFECT in the morning instead of a coffee.

Cocoa Matcha


Honestly ladies when I went to taste this one, I lifted the cup up to my mouth and the smell INSTANTLY hit me and I was SHOOK with how amazing and chocolatey it smelt. Usually with chocolate flavoured things that aren’t inherently meant to be chocolate flavoured, they’re disappointing or lack that punch, however this LITERALLY smelt like a cup of the most rich and sumptuous hot chocolate in the world. Perfect on it’s own as an antioxidant rich chocolatey HIT, or with hot milk/soya/almond/whatever you desire to create a completely VEGAN hot chocolate, as the powder itself is completely dairy free. I can tell i’m going to be needing more of this little gem, it’s like a healthy hot chocolate powder – what’s not to love.

Gingernut Matcha


AGAIN similar to the cocoa matcha, I was dubious of the gingernut matcha due to the fact that it’s a flavour that packs such a punch OUT of matcha powder form, and whether or not this could be translated into matcha was to be seen, but HERE WE ARE and I was wrong. Just like the cocoa matcha, I went to drink the gingernut and actually had to stop and shout PROFANITIES at how amazing it smelt. Reminiscent of christmas and everything festive, continue that theme into February but with a healthier, antioxidant twist by adding the gingernut matcha to your favourite hot chocolate, or mix with the cocoa matcha to create your own unique matcha concoctions.

Turmeric Matcha


Any tea product that turns yellow once it has been made is DEFINITELY the type of tea that I need in my life. The world of tea has ramped itself UP to new levels with this turmeric matcha powder. Once made it creates a saffron coloured infusion that is CRAMMED full of immune boosting potential, and is perfect with milk to create ‘Golden Milk’ – something I could definitely see being made into a soya version for yours truly. It’s strong, refreshing and almost feels like your whole body has been AWAKENED when you’re drinking it, which is definitely what you need in the morning.

Super Matcha


The big daddy of all daddies, the Super Matcha is in town. Full of acai berry powder and blueberry oil, it packs a calming yet influential flavour pay off. Combined with the origianal matcha tea poweder, it creates a fruitier version of the original and adds a different dimension to the original powder, which some can say lacks original flavour. If that’s the case for you ladies and you’re unsure about the pure matcha powder then make sure you try the supreme matcha as an introduction to the other flavours. A teaser if you will.

Matcha tea itself detoxifies the body and aids your own self awareness and state of mind by lowing cholesterol and blood sugar, and also by boosting your immune system as it’s packed with vitamin C.

In terms of preparation matcha tea is an EXPERIENCE and needs to be made with love and care and … also a whisk but that’s literally it! To ensure you that you make the perfect matcha tea head over to Bluebird tea co. to look at their AMAZING visual guide on how to make the perfect matcha tea.


The Mix n’ Matcha tea sets are on sale at BlueBird Tea Co. for just 5 pots at £15.00 which is an AMAZINGLY chic deal! Because they’re mix n’ matcha sets they’re only 5g each which will give you 3-4 cups PER pot, however if you have five you will be SORTED – and also it’s a perfect way to introduce yourself to matcha and see what flavours tickle your pickle! Bluebird offers the larger flavours of matcha from £15 for 30g. They also have the perfect matcha tea whisk and measuring spoon as add ons to make your matcha tea experience the CHICEST ever.

Thank you for reading this post ladies and I hope you’ve ALL informed of all the ins and outs of the matcha tea world, and a MASSIVE thank you to Bluebird Tea Co. for sending me these wonderful samples to try, I can’t wait to share more products with you all in the future.












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