Month: February 2017

What Are Microaggressions? 

I only recently became aware of the word ‘Microaggression’ and my initial thought was “Jesus wept this looks like it should be two words what a JUMBLE” and then it fell into place JUST how poigniant and current this word is and how it can be used by so many

London Fashion Week And The Blogger Programme Hangout

D A W L I N G S, I hope you’ve all been keeping your eyes peeled for the most stylish and iconic looks and PEOPLE recently because it’s been FASHION WEEK and the glitter-atzi have been in full procession. From street style to catwalks, this season has been the


Let me take you on a trip down trouser lane to show you my FAVOURITE pairs I have found this season, and how I am going to take them from Autumn/Winter and transform them to Spring/Summer ’17 delights.

How To Make Your Blog The Best – The Leopardprintelephant Way

LADIES welcome to your first Sunday post! Thank you for all the love on Wednesdays post it was super kind of you and it was really fun and thought provoking to write, a classic leopardprintelephant post if you will. THIS SUNDAY for your second post of the week I am


If you’re worried about offending people whilst doing a shoot about trans/genderNC people then well… you probably shouldn’t be doing a shoot on it because you’ve either a) not done your research or b) are just utilising their unique and gorgeous gender identity and expression as a tool to further your career, whilst completely not caring about the rights and lives of the people you’re milking for content. Sorry about it.

Bluebird Tea Co Mix ‘n’ Matcha Flavored Tea Review

Turmeric tea? Cocoa Tea? Check out my review of the Bluebird Tea Co Mix ‘n’ Matcha sets below!

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