January Favourites

Ladies we find ourselves at the end of the VERY FIRST month of 2017 and we are here and we are ready to discuss our favourite products of the month. This month has been FULL of new bits and bobs from christmas, January sales and (who even knew this was a thing) but CHARITY SHOP sales. I mean first of all why would you decide to give less money to charity? This is a topic for another post dear reader.. Apologies for the tangent. Now lets get into, my JANUARY FAVES.


  1. The Gilded Tea Pot Loose Leaf Teas


If you have seen the blog before, you will have seen The Gilded Tea Pot featured on my site before when I divulged in The Yellow Edit where I got my GORGEOUS yellow ‘Stump’ tea pot (which will literally stay with me until I die). I am now here to talk about the main focus of their store, the incredibly flavoursome and honestly life changing loose leaf teas. Ever since the store opened in Dorchester, I adored not only the amazing customer service and expertise behind the tea selection and care, but the incredible flavours and aromas that the leaves portray. I have shared two of my favourite blends here, with the Dorset Fruit Punch and the Earl Grey Supreme.



Dorset Fruit Punch is definitely just that. With real dried fruit in the blend, it features a base of rose and hibiscus, with apple, blackberries and naturally sweetened strawberries and raspberries, it definitely doesn’t hold back. Perfect hot or cold, this beauty retails at just £5.25 for 100g, or £5 for 15 amazing bags perfectly made for your brewing pleasure.


The Earl Grey Supreme definitely packs a punch.With natural bergamont oil incorporated in the blend, it has an air of sophistication and elegance as it is truly one of the BEST earl grey teas that I have ever tasted. A spectacle. Again retailing at just £5.50 for 100g which is amazing value considering the intensity of the flavours, and the little amount that you need to blow your wintry slipper socks off with joy. An all round winning bunch of people, tea and ambience. Cheers.

2. NYX Vivid Brights™ Liquid Liners


Now you MUST know that these are my favourite beauty product of all time, not just January, if you even SLIGHTLY know me. The NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Liners take you from 0-100 so fast that you won’t even get a chance to catch your breath ladies. My collection has grown from just the yellow lone ranger in 2016, to my six strong collection of yellow, pink, green, blue, red and black. I never used to even be able to put eyeliner onto my face without having to start my make up again at least 462681 times, so for me to actually endorse an eyeliner means it MUST be good. The colours add a unique look to your make up creations with an unexpected pop of colour, and just create the CHICEST looking face on the planet. My favourite look to do is to use all the colours at once and use them as a dotting tool, to create small dots around the eyes to mimic a paint splatter which can look SUPER effective. They can also be lined on top of each other so you get a layered look to the eye, OR even to create faux freckles on the face if you’re feeling SNAZZY. Ladies… don’t waste your money on fresh fruit and vegetables or even WATER, and go and get these liners instead. They retail for £5.50 in the UK from selected Boots stores, or you can order them to store. You will thank me.


3. Decadence by Marc Jacobs 


What’s not to love about a perfume that DOUBLES as an accessory? Marc Jacobs has created a perfume that is not only seductive but PRACTICAL for a night on the OUT (and by a night out I mean a night IN with a brew). The sweet yet dark smelling fragrance is definitely memorable, with top notes of champagne, honeysuckle and base notes of liquid amber and vanilla, it certainly is sweet, and almost good enough to eat. The bottle features a CHIC gold chain with an elegant yet understated tassle pom pom on the end to just add that cherry on top. Due to it’s power, the fragrance will last you for YEARS (maybe weeks) as 2-3 sprays will cover you for ALL air kisses and hugs. ALSO ladies check it out at Boots at the moment as you receive a free gift with purchase! Always a nice little bonus.


4. & Other Stories Frozen Verbena Body Lotion


Usually I would need a MORTGAGE to be able to afford anything in & Other Stories however their up to 70% off sale meant that I was able to grab SUCH  bargain in the form of this Frozen Verbena Body Lotion. If you love anything citrus based or lemon flavoured, then you’re going to ADORE this lotion. A good dollop will sort out ALL your aches and pains and ensure that you’re left smoother than a just peeled avocado. I never knew what verbena was until recently and actually realised it was a plant, after just associating it with a smell, this was SOME what of an amazing discovery (what can I say i’m easily pleased). Ladies this was only £3.50 half price, which (if my maths doesn’t deceive me) is actually only £7 full price, so go and grab yourself some of these amazing body products because for a fashion store, their beauty and make up section is not just AESTHETICALLY chic, but are worth every penny.


5. OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Weightless Hydration Oil


Darlings ever since I started on my hair dying revolution, my hair has been dry and not feeling chic. I’m sure a lot of you know the feeling when you’re SO excited about getting your hair dyed or bleached, and the colour is AMAZING but sometimes feel a little bad for those split ends due to the drama that you have just put your hair through. Well ladies … look no further for a MIRACLE spray to sort out this conundrum. I have always been sceptical of hair products that aren’t shampoo or conditioner because of the fact that they’re primarily used AFTER the hair has been washed, however the OGX Coconut Oil Oil has changed my life. Not only does it come in the perfect sized spray bottle so say goodbye to oily hands when trying to hydrate those roots, it does JUST THAT – hydrate from root to tip. Just like Piers Morgan on women’s rights, it gets RIGHT in there, however unlike Piers, it actually knows what it’s doing and actually sorts out the problem. Say goodbye to greasy hair, and hello to well nourished and almost TOO soft waves of gorgeousness that have now appeared on your head. Just spray onto towel dried hair and massage/brush through, and it has done it’s magic. I am SO excited to try the whole range of Coconut shampoo’s and conditioners ASAP to start my OGX hair revolution. Also for just £7.35 from Boots, you again can’t go wrong. A TRUE life saver.


Thank you for reading my January Favourites ladies I hope you have enjoyed hearing all the ins and outs of my favourite products this month. And of course, all thoughts and opinions are my own and DEFINITELY not endorsed or altered from any other corporate BEAST. Have an amazing end to the month, and lets ROCK into February drinking amazing tea, and smelling and looking AMAZING.

leopardprintelephant xoxo



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