How To Get Through Blue Monday With CouponQueenEmma and Ben Pechey 

CAN you believe that this Monday is the supposed ‘Blue Monday’. The day itself was created by psychologist Cliff Arnall after disecting all the drama from christmas and the festivities and the amount of money we have spent etc, however it’s actual scientific proof is still yet to be proven. BUT ladies if you’re feeling low after Christmas and you’ve gone back to uni and just NEED a boost then I have teamed up with the two most uplifting and positive bloggers in the BUSINESS. Emma Mumford, also known as CouponQueenEmma is an Award Winning Fashion and Lifestyle blogger And CEO and Founder of Extreme Couponing and Deals UK™ and an absolute GEM. She is literally my fairy blog mother and is SUCH a spiritual and warm person. Her love is infectious and is a firm believer in The Law Of Attraction so is the PERFECT person to help with the January Blues. Also make sure you check out her YouTube Channel HERE! Ben Pechey, founder and content creator for his fashion and lifestyle website , posts twice a week with luxury fashion, lifestyle and tips and tricks to get YOU through your day to day as CHIC as possible. A literal ICON and best friend for life, if there is anything that Ben can’t do, it’s not worth doing. Now let me take you THROUGH their tips and tricks on how to get through ‘Blue Monday’.

1. What’s your favourite thing to do to destress and relax 

Emma: 1. I love nothing more than having a relaxing bath with a LUSH bath bomb, a glass of prosecco. If not a good yoga session always helps relax me and re-align my energies.

Ben:  Im a big fan of a bath. It’s so nice to soak in glorious hot water, grab a candle or two and turn off the lights, and just relax. Its a nice way to spend an hour guilt free. Also because it’s time when you are completely alone (if you aren’t, then congrats to you honey) you can go over your day and reflect on your feelings and reactions to today, to make tomorrow better.

2. Do you believe in ‘new years resolutions’ and if not, why, and what are your thoughts on the whole resolution concept?

Emma:  Hell no! I’m one of those people who are constantly making goals and targets. I did actually make some New Year resolutions in December and started them mid way through the month as I thought why wait until January! Now we’re in January I’ve actually take some great steps towards achieving them already. I do believe we need to set goals, dreams and aspirations all the time, as a big believer of the law of attraction by affirming what we want we attract it to ourselves.

Ben:   No I loath them, for me it’s just something else to make you worry. Which basically means you are worrying about worrying- not chic. What I mean is that just because its the new year doesn’t mean this is the only time you can make changes, and again doesn’t mean that you have to make changes. Just because the year is different and it is January doesn’t mean you have to suddenly be someone different or somehow better than you were 3 weeks ago.
However I do believe it is a good time of year to review the things in your life, and think about what 2017 is going to be for you. I don’t make resolutions, because they are unrealistic and just another way to make you feel guilty and worry even more. Instead perhaps write a list of the things you would like to achieve this year, maybe its passing your driving test, or maybe its learning how to speak Portuguese or maybe to not to loose all your pens this year. Setting little hopes like these remove the pressure that traditional resolutions place on you at time of year that quite frankly can feel pretty miserable.

3. How do you stay positive?

Emma:  Positivity is the key to unlimited potential. My whole life changed last year as I realised how meaningless and empty my life actually was. I started off with clearing all negative people from my life, any negative situations and learnt forgiveness. We are all such prisoners sometimes to anger and hurt, it’s so easy to take control and own your feelings. If your friends aren’t supporting you and helping you to succeed they are not your friends. I am so grateful to be surrounded by genuine love now in all forms that uplifts, inspires and directs me towards the positive life I’ve always dreamed of. Self development is so so important, I honestly suggest you read the book The Secret by Rhonda Bryne!

Ben: It’s quite easy to feel bogged down, stressed and overwhelmed which can really affect my mood. For me one thing that I do is write all the things required of me, and the priority of those tasks. Then I can tick them off and then I feel a sense of achievement. Also I remind myself of all the amazing things I’ve done, the amazing people I have around me and allow that to move the negativity away from me, that’s not to say I just constantly bounce back. It’s fine to have a day where you just can’t cope, write the day off and focus on you. Make sure you come back fighting tomorrow.

4. What advice would you have for someone who is feeling down in January.

Emma:  This is a brand new year to shine, leave 2016 where it belongs in the past and walk towards YOUR future. I promise you anything is possible, and that whatever you put your mind to you will succeed in if it’s meant for you. I’ve not met one successful person who hasn’t had a crap past, it does get better and the pain is all worth it in the end. No pain no gain, just believe and the rest will follow. The best gift you can give yourself this year is a new mindset and work on your self love.

Ben:  Focus on the positive things, break up the month in your diary or on your calendar and write in all the things you can look forward too. Not only does it take your mind off some blueness, it also makes the month go quicker by splitting up your time like this. Also try to treat yourself this month, honey it’s hard because Christmas is a good 11 months away, don’t make it harder by going on a raw only juice cleanse. I’m not saying only eat at McDonald’s and don’t move at all this month. I’m just suggesting that you have to give yourself a break otherwise this January will be bleak.

5. What are your plans for 2017 and what are you most excited about? What’s going to make you happy this year?

Emma: I don’t know why but I really feel like this is my year to shine, I know a lot of people have the same feeling. Last year was a massive learning curve and now it’s time to live life on my terms finally. The business will grow more and more including my blog and Youtube channel. I will have more This Morning appearances. I will meet Mr Right! I’m really looking forward to travelling, experiencing even more cultures and making incredible memories along the way. I will also do lots of public speaking events and inspire lots of people to start following their dreams and look up the law of attraction! Wishing you all a blessed, prosperous 2017 xx

Ben:  My 2017 is looking exciting. I have a new assignment at uni, which is looking like it will be incredible. I’m also looking forward to creating new content on my blog, with new types of posts and playing with my style even more. I also will be interning later this year which is equally exciting and terrifying !! In terms of making me happy, I am looking forward to my own personal development – which sounds rather narcissistic- but in actual fact I am just forging a better relationship with myself. So hit me with your best shot 2017, I’m ready. Enjoy xx

Thanks for reading ladies and comment below or on the leopardprintelephant socials on how if you’re feeling blue this January, what you’re doing to GET THROUGH IT! 

Lots of love 

Leopardprintelephant xoxo


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