Yellow: The 2017 Colour Edit

Now ladies… although Pantone (basically the GODS of colour) have said that GREEN is the colour of the year (who? green? never heard of her), we all know the TRUE colour of the year is YELLOW. The Mariah Carey of colours – Yellow will not halt to take hold of the microphone, and make it KNOWN that it owns the room. Yellow will NOT hold back when it comes to flirting with your man. If Yellow were a person they would be AN ICON, they would be WORLD famous and would literally ooze LEGEND and wo – HOLD ON, YELLOW IS A PERSON. IT’S ME! Let me take you through my TOP Yellow items for the year and why YOU need to get your hands on them.

  1. Knock Knock ‘I’m Doing My Best’ Journal

Now 2017 for me has such a feeling of mindfulness and self motivation and appreciation (even more so than 2016) so I am ALL here for journals and notebooks that AFFIRM these notions of self love. The Knock Knock series is SUCH a chic and realistic brand that creates notebooks, diaries, journals and planners tailored to your own individual DILEMMA, available in Waterstones. For example, if you’re struggling with work and just feel like you’re not getting what you deserve, then try the ‘I’m Doing My Best’ journal. Everyday there are quotes, affirmations and general BOOSTS to make your day BRIGHTER, keeping you on track to a happy, powerful and beautiful self improvement.

2. The Body Shop Honey and Oat 3-in-1 Moisturising Scrub Mask

Honey, I love honey. Honey (yes 3/5 of the first words of this paragraph were honey, you’re welcome) is SUCH an amazing ingredient for the skin, adding moisture and it’s antioxidant capabilities. A major problem with exfoliating products on the market are that they either contain the tiny small plastic toxic beads that ‘exfoliate’ the skin, or they’re just FAR too rough and harsh on the skin. This mask contains oats which act as a natural exfoliator, taking AWAY the dead skin cells and dirt under the skin and in your pores, and replacing it with FRESH moisturised skin. I tried a sample of this from my local Body Shop and it has literally changed my skin routine. A definite must have ladies.

3. Yellow Beret

If you remember from about a year ago, my FASCINATION and adoration of berets began as I started life out with my purple beret. She saw me through so many trials and tribulations, hair colours and hair mishaps, however NOW she has upgraded (do not worry my beloved purple beret is STILL alive and kicking) to a yellow number, courtesy of Father Christmas himself. This. Now ladies i’m not even going to sugar coat it, IS A LOOK. It literally takes a look from zero to HERO in the placing on my barnet. We are blessed and we are HONOURED to be wearing such a chic item this winter, and it’s definitely going to become a STAPLE in the leopardprintelephant wardrobe. (Just a quick beret anecdote – I once ordered 5 berets from eBay and they got lost in transit over the atlantic ocean and then were resent but NEVER arrived to me and I completely forgot about them and only realised like 7 months after they were supposed to arrive that they had in fact NEVER arrived… I know, not chic).

4. Branche D’Olive Lemon Verbena Scented Candle

It’s such a coincidence that I also adore yellow flavoured foods such as lemon (also banana and potato… wait is a potato yellow? Yes i’ve decided it is… anyway…) and this lemon verbena candle from Branche D’Olive is DIVINE. It’s a step away from your lemon sherbert smelling lemon, and over to their chic cousin, who smells like a cool, sophisticated lemon (imagine a lemon working at canary wharf… killer heel, power suit, shoulder pads … that’s this candle). It’s chic, sophisticated and comes with a PLETHORA of verbena goodies such as a reed diffuser that matches the scent perfectly. Definitely a must have for anyone who loves the L’Occitane Lemon Verbena collection.

5. Yellow Faux Fur Scarf

OH. My. GoOdness. Ladies you should have SEEN my face when I saw this. Here I am, roaming the streets, I pop into Tkmaxx (a British institution might I add), and am looking for a chic pair of gloves for my delicate digits this winter, when I stumble across THIS YELLOW FAUX FUR SCARF. She was just secretly snuggled away at the back of the rail, and glistened in the light as I walked past, clearly knowing my Yellow power and wanting to catch my eye. She is now MINE and I took her out for her first trip into the big bad world last week and ladies it was a look. Not only is it perfect on top of an oversized coat in a lapel style drape, it is ICONIC as basically, a literal snug. I used it as a genuine nuzzle whilst my face froze in the festive weather last week. We did get a little make up on her, but I mean orange lipstick is definitely her colour. 10/10 would scarf again.

6. Stump Tea Pot With Infuser

These teapots are all over the coffee shops and CHIC places to drink tea this year and they’re PERFECT for the casual loose leaf tea drinker. I purchased this Stump tea pot from The Gilded Teapot, one of the BEST tea shops in the UK truly check them out. With a chamber inside the pot that can be filled with loose leaf tea, the Stump tea pot from Suki-Tea allows drinkers to drink their favourite loose leaf varieties without having to get the product into the RIDICULOUSLY novelty small tea infuser. They also came in lots of different colours and OBVIOUSLY I  chose the chicest colour! Can’t wait to try my Earl Grey Supreme loose leaf this spring!
Now there we GO ladies, your Yellow picks for 2017 summed up in my Colour of 2017 montage. Now if you find yourself SWAYED to find yourself some of the aforementioned yellow goodies, or your own yellow items then PLEASE do tag me on my social media’s and let me SEE what you have bought. Twitter is here for the blog and Facebook is here. 

Love you lots ladies,

leopardprintelephant xoxo






  1. I’m trying to balance myself between dying with laughter at how funny and witty this post is and wanting to paint my room yellow.

    Edie x


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