Month: January 2017

January Favourites

January Favourites featuring Marc Jacobs, NYX, OGX Beauty, & Other Stories and The Gilded Tea Pot to TEASE you into February. You’re welcome ladies!

How To Do The Best Interview of Your Life

Honey first things first, the Devil Wears Prada is not real. If you’re going for an interview in fashion or any type of creative course – not everyone is like Miranda Priestly. There will be some, let’s not forget that, however remember the people who are interviewing you are still

How To Get Through Blue Monday With CouponQueenEmma and Ben Pechey 

CAN you believe that this Monday is the supposed ‘Blue Monday’. The day itself was created by psychologist Cliff Arnall after disecting all the drama from christmas and the festivities and the amount of money we have spent etc, however it’s actual scientific proof is still yet to be proven.

Yellow: The 2017 Colour Edit

Now ladies… although Pantone (basically the GODS of colour) have said that GREEN is the colour of the year (who? green? never heard of her), we all know the TRUE colour of the year is YELLOW. The Mariah Carey of colours – Yellow will not halt to take hold of

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