Why 2017 Is Going To Be Your Year – And Why 2016 WAS

Ladies. We MADE IT. We did that. We have made it to the end of the year and it’s been SUCH  year, and i’m just going to write a disclaimer now. I’m over everyone saying this year was terrible. This year was a journey (I know sorry, that’s cringe) and it was definitely a rollercoaster, but to say this year was absolutely awful isn’t true. There were ups and downs, and there were decisions that shocked the world, but to start a new year, a year that is full of promise and new beginnings with such a pessimistic out look on the year previous, it strikes me as sad and a clear self fulfilling prophecy for the year coming. The amount of social media attention that this year has got, and the amount of people saying that next year is going to be ‘even worse’ truly makes me so sad. I don’t want another year tainted by the collective curse. 2016 was full of hardship and struggles, but what comes as a result of that? A stronger person. No matter how long it takes, working through struggles and set backs only makes you stronger because when you get through it, you KNOW that you did that. Here’s why 2017 is going to be your year, and why 2016 WAS.


Now, don’t get me wrong there have been lots of tragedies, loses, deaths, and just DRAMAS this year. From Bowie, Prince, George, Victoria, there have been a LOT of loses this year, and a lot of deaths for the LGBT+ community especially. Figure heads that paved the way for the LGBT+ youth that roam the streets now have gone, but their legacy still lives on in our hearts and our spirits. Don’t let their deaths distract you from the life that they lived and their inner message. George Michael’s passing has meant that national right wing media think it’s their position to now claim they adored him, and to celebrate his life, despite the fact that in George’s prime, they shamed and ridiculed him for his sexuality. Use their absence to spur you on to continue their message of hope, love, open mindedness and adoration in 2017, and try not to let your grief over take, because for LGBT+ people, representation is rare, so to have so many people of our icons leave us in one year is a devastating loss. Remember them. Channel them. Embrace them.


2016 was also a year of political turmoil. The right wing message has gained momentum, not just across the US and the UK, but across the Globe. The domino effect of Brexit has launched a catalogue of republican/right wing progress which has shocked and crushed a lot of people. I remember the day that Brexit was unveiled to be the ‘decision that the UK has chosen’ and I was absolutely crushed. What a picture we were painting to the world. We were a vision of negativity, a vision of closed, blocked off bodies pushing people away and only allowing ‘people who come from here’ stay. What a pile of shit that was. And it still rumbles on, and just like Trump, it will continue into 2017. But what we need to realise now is that there is NO changing this.


We can’t oust Trump, or the Brexit decision, because we aren’t in a position to. However, this doesn’t mean we have to accept it. Fight for your right to protest. Fight for your right to disagree and FIGHT for the minorities who are being pushed further and further down the list in 2017. Use it to light the fire in you for the year coming and MAKE it something that you can do for yourself, and others around you, to make the world a better place. Actually … you don’t even have to make the world a better place. Start small, and things will grow. Don’t worry, you’re not accepting that Trump/Brexit is ok, you’re acknowledging what’s happening, and making a difference through YOUR actions for yourself and your community, because we aren’t going to let this ruin us. The world isn’t over, because we are still going.


BrightVibes have an amazing video on why over the past two decades you should be grateful for what has happened in the World, proving that it wasn’t all bad. Watch it HERE

2016 has been commercialised and branded into “the year that was the worst”. The memes of us as grandparents telling our children that 2016 was ‘the worst year that their ever was’ are everywhere. And although yes this is a joke and OBVIOUSLY I recognise that, however don’t just join in with the 2016 rhetoric because of all the publicised events that have occured. REMEMBER WHAT YOU’VE DONE. Who have you met? Who have you fallen in love with? What did you wear that you REALLY loved? What did you achieve? Where did you go? What opportunities did you get that were new? What did YOU do this year? Remember all the lovely moments that you’ve had, the new things that you’ve begun that you weren’t doing last year. This year I have met some of the most amazing people, and my life has again changed so much. I have been more open about my gender identity and shared that with you on here. I HAVE MADE THIS WEBSITE. I have managed to create a brand, a platform that I am truly happy with. I made some of the most AMAZING friends right at the end of the year, such as the ever so glamorous and LITERAL right hand man Ben Pèćhëŷ (Who has an amazing site over at benpechey.com) and the EVER SO warm, positive and HELPFUL Fairy Blog Mother Emma Mumford, who has her personal blog over at http://www.thecouponqueen.co.uk – just ONE of her many platforms which she is SLAYING.

 I am working on my health, and I am being my AUTHENTIC self ladies. REMEMBER THAT. REMEMBER YOURSELF. Don’t let yourself get caught up in all the 2016 drama because that’s done. It’s last year. It’s over. It happened, and yes we’re still going to hear about all the political DRAMA that has occured in 2017, however it’s up to YOU to decide whether or not it’s going to ruin your year. Things will get you down and that’s 100% ok. Don’t just run into everything with your rose tinted glasses on, because sometimes you DO just need to re-evaluate and take time out. For example this year when the Orlando LGBT+ attacks happened, it really shook me up, and I needed time to readjust, but LADIES you grow, and you learn, and you BECOME ACTIVE to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, and you grow STRONGER with your community. Always always always try and turn things around. To all my ladies battling mental health issues in 2017, we are HERE for you. This is your safe place and WE GOT THIS, no matter how long it takes ok?

trial logo no lines.jpg

Thank you for all your love and support this year ladies, we have DOUBLED the target that I had set for myself when I started this website in March, and I am just so proud of myself. 2017 is going to be better than ever for us, more content, YouTube, more selfies and self love. What a treat it’ll be and I can’t WAIT to see all the memories we’re going to make. Now ladies, 2016 can’t have been that bad … you got me and this website out of it? What’s not to LOVE?!? Now. Brush yourself down, throw on your FAVOURITE pair of shoes, and take your first steps into 2017 feeling CHIC, IMPORTANT and most importantly, yourself. You’ve got this.


leopardprintelephant xoxo





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