The Leopardprintelephant Christmas BONANZA

Ladies what is christmas without the word BONANZA and lots of sparkly christmassy extra bits and bobs that just FILL the air with floating tinsel and cinnamon? Let me take you around London as I went into the EVER so luxurious Harrods with to see what offerings THEY had this festive season. (However I quickly realised that Harrods is NOT the best place for a gender alien like myself… bah humbug). Also get a SNEAK PEEK of behind the scenes of the Leopardprintelephant christmas card, as I featured this week on my social media how YOU can get your hands on one … stay tuned to see if there will be any more available for you this christmas!


The person who took this made me and Ben stand on either side of the Christmas tree making it look like we HATE each other HA


Harrods looking all GLAM


Top 5 Harrods Christmas Offerings

I literally nearly fell onto the floor first of all at how BUSY Harrods was. Two weeks before christmas the people were out in their MASSES shopping for bits and bobs, from Gucci to Loewe (your usual fashion stops when you’re in a rush), it was MANIC.


  1. Loewe Yellow Leather Elephant Purse – £250


But the first item that I found and actually thought, “oh maybe this was made with me in mind as the muse” was a Loewe Yellow Leather Elephant Purse retailing at a crisp £250. It was so small and petite that it was PERFECT for those loose bits of change you have at the bottom of your purse/handbag, or when you need to pay for a 5p plastic bag for your shopping. What I adored about the purse was the fact that she had a LARGER accompaniment in the form of a larger elephant partner, or a PANDA partner which was just as exquisite, coming in Red, Green, Blue, and every other colour you could literally think of. We didn’t look to see how much the mother was because … well I was scared it was going to have me s h o o k ladies.


2.Padlock Gucci Tian shoulder bag GG Supreme – £1,100


Now lets readjust in our seats as we GRAB our glasses and our microscopes and take a good solid moment to appreciate the intricacy and the detail on this gorgeous Gucci shoulder bag. Although only 13cm tall and probably wide enough to elegantly slide a bar of dark chocolate into, along with a reduced miniature baguette, the intricacy of the floral design on the outside of the bag adds a pop of colour, and an oriental twist. The padlock and chain have girth and a weight to them, the weight of pure, pure  money. Now don’t get me wrong this bag is orgasmic, but Gucci riddle me this, do we need to be using CAMEL FIBRES (literally like ???) on the inside of a bag? Who knows and fortunately Kerring, who are the group that own Gucci and other luxury designer brands are committed to reducing the amount of non-sustainable animal products that they’re using in their products over the next 10 years, so hopefully we will see the use of animals in fashion reduce over this period of time.


3. Jo Malone Grapfruit Scented Home Candle – £42 


Jo Malone for me is SUCH an aspirational brand to work/aspire to be a part of. Their luxurious packaging and ambience gives off the polished and refined aura that a luxury brand should permeate, without making it feel obnoxious or elitist. Sadly I don’t actually own any of the Malone creations however anything grapefruit scented is a WINNER in the leopardprintelephant book. I also am living for the fact that this candle is marketed as a “Home” candle – implying you can’t burn it anywhere other than in your room, with a cup of tea and a chic christmas film on. One day Jo …One day.


4. Manolo Blahnik Hangisi 105 Satin Pump in Yellow – £745


I’m sure you’re realising that this list of luxurious items ISN’T the most student friendly however sometimes I like to pretend to be a woman with exquisite taste and a rich man on her arm, as these shoes are A CLASSIC for any SATC fan. I’ve never actually been to Shoe Heaven at Harrods before and it literally is just that – with Blahnik having a whole room dedicated to his shoes. Circled in the middle of this separate boutique shop style room are a collection of 105’s. INSTANTLY recognisable to anyone who even has a slight liking for Sarah Jessica Parker, and of course I was only satisfied when I found the yellow pair. Now the staff were intense and apparently to all members of Harrods I didn’t look like a potential customer (heaven knows why) so I didn’t try them on, although in my mind you KNOW I was imagining me – a la Carrie in the opening titles of Sex And The City, in a tutu getting splashed by a bus with her face on in New York. #JustGirlyThings

5. Alexander McQueen Crystal Encrusted Loafers – £660 


Sarah Burton KNOWS that I am a huge fan of the diamond encrusted ANYTHING so she has clearly created these shoes with ME in mind. Tell me NOW ladies what is not to love about a shoe with jewels, embroidered lips and a metallic lipstick PROTRUDING off the front? I know I can’t thin of anything either. It’s truly an experience that I am so here for. Also a loafer is always a classic smart shoe and this velvet feel is just what I need in my life. £660? Basically free.


NOW LADIES lets get down to the Leopardprintelephant Christmas Card BUSINESS. As you will know this week I shared on my social media that if YOU dear viewer are one of the FIRST 20  to like the leopardprintelephant facebook page, and share your favourite post from the site telling me just WHY you adored it – YOU will be the recipient of one of the most gorgeous, elegant, yellow and EXPERTLY created christmas cards ON THE MARKET. Now amazingly SO many of you have done JUST THAT and your cards are on your way, but I have 10 LEFT to GIVE AWAY this weekend. All you have to do is, just as above, like the leopardprint elephant Facebook page OR follow the leopardprintelephant Twitter account and share your favourite post, and tell me JUST WHY you adore it because I love seeing what you all think of this blog, and then I will be in touch and your card will be ON ITS WAY!  Now I only have 10 more so be quick ladies, you have until Sunday night at 9pm to share and tell me your favourite leopardprintelephant memories so HURRY! POP pictures of you with your cards on social media and tag me and use the hashtag! #leopardprintelephantchristmas


(Just think this card above COULD BE YOURS LADIES, made with my my two gorgeously elegant hands and a whole lot of yellow card)

Now ladies thank you for an amazing year I can’t believe it’s nearly been A YEAR of the blog, we are 10 months in and she’s doing well, heading towards 20,000 views and I couldn’t be happier with the love and support she is getting so THANK YOU.

Lots of Love Ladies,

leopardprintelephant xoxo








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