ASOS Christmas Look Book

Now christmas time is approaching and it’s EVER so close to all of your festive dinners and work shin digs in which you won’t really WANT to go but you’ll squeeze into those fish nets and you’ll make small talk with JOHN (there’s always a john), unless you work somewhere where you ADORE everyone – in that case congratulations you’re living the correct life. (To everyone else working in jobs they despise … 2017 is going to be your year ladies). To make ALL of these shenanigans bearable and that little bit EXTRA I have compiled a look book to take you to ASOS heaven. These looks are perfect for Christmas Day when you KNOW you’re going to see those family members that think you’re 1/10 and you need to show yourself AND them that you’re at least a 3/10. I’ll also be giving you the christmas PARTY look, whether it be work or just a night out with friends for the big old 25th Dec celebrations, there will be a LOOK for it. Also i’ll be giving you NEW YEARS looks, even though I adore a new years in with a chinese and a bit of Jools Holland and his HOOTENANANANANANAY, it never means that you can’t have a drop dead GORGEOUS look for it.


Christmas Day

ASOS Is serving you Gucci realness with the chest ruffles and the high neck this Christmas season. The black detailing adds a nice texture and shapes the dress making it look a LITTLE less santas sack and a little MORE santas SHACK. (I don’t get that either don’t worry). I’ve teamed her up with a classic patent leather boot, some glittery fishnets and a simple shade. Perfection.




The Christmas Party

Now i’ve never been to a christmas party however if I were  to go to one this `is EXACTLY the perfect outfit to wear. It’s not too much but it’s just enough. Also the top is elasticated so you can fill up on canapes and mince pies to your hearts content which is technically the ONLY reason I would go to a christmas party. Again I am reusing the CLASSIC black patent leather boot just because I can, and it also means that you don’t have to buy new shoes for all these looks if you want to get a new outfit for all of the days of festive CHEER.




New Years Eve

This look is FULL of silver and shimmer because it’s New Years Eve and why  not celebrate the new year looking like the festive left overs at the back of the fridge. This dress is perfect pulled together with a belt, or without it has a fitted waist so it gathers in to make you look JUST like the hourglass we all aspire to look like. Again the fishnets and the black patent heel boot have made an appearance, similarly to the Christmas Party and the Christmas Day look, to create the illusion that you’ve got a whole new outfit, however you’ve just quickly got the main outfit elements and are repurposing the shoes because – YOU CAN. Iconic.



All links to the outfits will be below and I hope you loved this ASOS Christmas Look Book. All items are still available online and are super affordable and impactful, JUST what you need at christmas. I mean if you can’t treat yourself at this festive time of year when CAN you treat yourself?

Thank you for reading and viewing this post styled and photographed by the FABULOUS , make sure you check out his website and his socials because his blog is PERFECTION.

Kind Regards,

leopardprintelephant xoxo


Christmas Day Ruffle Dress – £32

Christmas Party Skirt – £28

New Years Eve Dress – £28

Patent Black Leather Heel – £29.99

Merry Christmas x











  1. Pix Chapman says:

    I can’t stop coming back to this, you’re so bloody gorgeous! Those outfits look killer on you ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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