Month: December 2016

Why 2017 Is Going To Be Your Year – And Why 2016 WAS

Ladies. We MADE IT. We did that. We have made it to the end of the year and it’s been SUCH  year, and i’m just going to write a disclaimer now. I’m over everyone saying this year was terrible. This year was a journey (I know sorry, that’s cringe) and

Top Tips to Get YOU Through Christmas

Christmas is just two days away and as you sit there and c r a m another mince pie into that gullet of yours, you are suddenly awash with the thought of THOSE relatives that are coming over on the 27th that are nearly as bigoted as Nigel Farage and

The Leopardprintelephant Christmas BONANZA

Ladies what is christmas without the word BONANZA and lots of sparkly christmassy extra bits and bobs that just FILL the air with floating tinsel and cinnamon? Let me take you around London as I went into the EVER so luxurious Harrods with to see what offerings THEY had

What HAS Love got to do with it?

Now if you remember my post towards the BIRTH of the leopardprintelephant blog on love, you will remember me discussing how illusive love is and how RIDICULOUS yet adorable the whole scenario is, but recently it has been an issue that I feel like I need to bring back to

ASOS Christmas Look Book

Now christmas time is approaching and it’s EVER so close to all of your festive dinners and work shin digs in which you won’t really WANT to go but you’ll squeeze into those fish nets and you’ll make small talk with JOHN (there’s always a john), unless you work somewhere

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