November Favourites 2016

Can you BELIEVE we are nearly at the end of the 11th month of 2016? In one months time we are going to be at the END OF 2016 and this year has actually been SO extra I can’t even believe it, but you just wait for my end of the year post – it’s brewing. But before you read that post as you shove another mince pie in, lets look at my NOVEMBER FAVOURITES.


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NachoKid Pins and Goodies

I am absolutely in love with the creativity and the expertise that these NachoKid pins and accessories have been made with. I am a huge fan of anything that is expressive, bold and a bit bulshy so these pins were a match made in heaven with me. The three styles that I have accumulated are the “I LOVE ME” , “Justice For Barb” and the “Body Pos Babe” Pins, all hand made and hand created on a wood backing. They’re perfect for dressing up outfits, collars, bags and pencil cases and are just to die for. Also on store are topical badge categories that hark from past and present films/books/tv programmes and trends such as the Stranger Things badges, Twin Peaks, 90s Slasher films and MANY more to tantalise your fashion taste buds on. They also have the INCREDIBLE “Justice For Barb” Tshirt that I am absolutely in love with, and has literally brightened up my WHOLE entire being due to the fact that – well, BARB DESERVES JUSTICE.

Make sure you use my code LPE on their site to get a FABULOUS little discount. Keep an eye out for free postage as NachoKid frequently offer that glorious service, and tweet me/tag me in your pictures of you sporting your NachoKid goodies once they arrive!


Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks

ANGELS if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am in l o v e with the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick range. The colours are OUT of this world and they just TRULY are magnificent. They’re matte all day, and after exfoliating my lips with the Lush Lip Scrub, the liquid lipstick doesn’t budge ALL day. (Just make sure you’re scrubbed, moisturised and READY to go).

My newest BABIES I have accumulated this season include Firecracker, Queen Bee, Blue Velvet and Breakfast at Tiffanys, and although she’s not new, Androgyny is a definite must for Autumn. And NOW in the UK and Europe we can gorge ourselves on his amazing products without having to spend LITERALLY an arm and a leg on postage, so make sure you check out Star’s products on BeautyBay, including his Beauty Killer Palette.


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Coty AirSpun Translucent Powder

Now LADIES I have been a Laura Mercier gal for nearly a year now and it honestly IS the holy grail of powders due to its micronised cashmere talc. It’s this that makes SUCH  a smooth application onto the skin to set your makeup for a literally ALL day matte finish. However, the only issue with it as a student is the fact that it’s literally £29 which is how much I spend on a food shop in two weeks so it’s either two weeks worth of food or A FACE? (We all know where my money went). BUT I have found another holy grail powder that is as good and is literally a THIRD of the price I am living. The only issue for us UK gals is that there is a slight delay on postage compared to if you purchased it in the UK or Europe, as it took around 10-12 days but it was SO worth the wait. The Coty AirSpun Translucent Powder was introduced to me from the ever so talented PatrickStarrr and his Youtube Channel, in which he uses it in his day to day foundation routine. The powder comes in this gorgeous orange packaging, and has the most FLAWLESS aroma to it. Imagine a 1920s perfume that the most elegant person in the world would wear, ok THAT is what this powder smells like. It’s ever so soft and creamy feeling, and glides onto the skin perfectly, and comes with the most CHIC powder puff I have ever seen, it’s a gorgeous furry applicator – THE DREAM. After testing it out for nearly a week, I am absolutely in love with the finish it gives me. It doesn’t cake or gather in unwanted places, and ensures I stay matte all day. The amount that you receive is also very similar to the amount that you purchase in the Laura Mercier packaging, so for the price point it’s AMAZING. DO CHECK IT OUT ANGELS.

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NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner 

Ok this could be the LITERAL best purchase that I have ever made in my whole existence on this PLANET that we call earth. The NYX Vivid Brights eyeliner in shade Halo (Yellow) is such a gorgeous bright yellow colour when applied. Due to the pigment and the fact that it is a liquid product, once applied it can have a tendency to dry quickly, however it does stay all day and the pigment does also last until the WEE SMALL hours of the day (7pm). It comes in 9 different shades, ranging from red, green, pink and purple – basically every single colour of Joseph’s technicolour dream coat. L A D I E S you need it ok it’s such a bargain as well and now that NYX have concessions in Boots in the UK and online, this liner can literally be yours RIGHT NOW. You’re welcome ladies.

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AND THAT’S THAT LADIES. I hope you survived November and are just about acclimatising to the weather that we are having, and not SCREAMING at the amount of people that are christmas shopping on the high street (just stay in bed honey it’s FINE,  I support you). Thanks for reading and i’ll see you next week,


leopardprintelephant xoxo









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