Why I’m Fed Up With Fashion

Fashion. I am doing a degree in Fashion Management and Marketing, and it has been the best decision I have ever made. I adore everything about it, the freedom it gives people, the fact that it is ever changing and fast paced, and the glamorous, almost slight arrogance about the industry that spawns stars and some of our most idolised celebs throughout the globe. But why am I fed up with fashion?

As I have just said, Fashion is an art form, but is frowned upon as being superficial and narcissistic, despite the fact that Painting, Singing, and other art forms are celebrated for what they are, art. So why is there such a difference between the way Painting is treated as an art form, and how Fashion is? Is it the fact that one of its drivers is money? Is it that there is a harsh stereotype behind the fact that the fashion industry is for some reason some ‘Devil Wears Prada’ conveyor belt, spitting out tall skinny bitchy models day by day? NO. Because shock. This is just that, a stereotype. It’s not true. After having multiple lectures from industry professionals who tell us about their lives in the industry that we are on the edge of, they tell us that the stereotypes of bitchy women and judgemental looks as you walk through the office is just bullshit. I think this goes deeper than just a stereotype of misconception. An industry, mainly headed by strong, powerful women is being called bitchy, rude and superficial? Wow. Shock. If this industry was headed by strong powerful men, which obviously it is, however the media and public perception of fashion is still of a female arc, would it be seen as strong, powerful and almighty?


Another reason that has got me SHOOK about the industry is the blatant copying, and manufacturing of garments solely for financial gain. Marketing is a competitive industry, and an industry that is always looking for new and exciting ways to market products for brands, for a number of reasons, from monetary, to brand relevance and pushing the brand image into the world. However recently, I have noticed that everyone looks the same. Brands such as Misguided, Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing have all realised that there is a market for looks for young people who are going out at the weekend but don’t want to spend £59813 and also don’t want to leave their bed to have to go and get it. However, for me, these brands BLATANTLY copy each other, in every aspect of their brand mechanisms. You can’t tell whether or not a look is from one or the other, and their brand identity has been lost within a cluster of affordable polyester. Now,  I know what you’re thinking, ‘Jamie, but some of the clothes are nice and what about letting people where what thEY WANT?’. – OF COURSE I want people to wear whatever they want i’d never shame anyone for wearing anything. Don’t even go there.If you feel comfortable and happy wearing it then do it, because it’s your style and no one else’s. It’s when people wear things because they feel like they HAVE TO or because everyone else is that they fear not fitting in, that’s when it makes me sad. I’d still never not allow them to not wear whatever they wanted, but i’d just let them know that using fashion as self expression is definitely something that is uplifting, encouraging and amazing for an individuals being.


I want people to be able to not fear public outrage, and fear being ostracised  from their group of friends, or even their jobs, for being able to wear what they want. I want to see people being really conceptual with their fashion, or being really era-specific with their garments. I want people to say “I COULD pull that off” instead of “I couldn’t”. I despise the idea of people not wearing things because they don’t want other people to think of them in a certain way, and I want the creativity to come back into fashion and not just on the catwalk. The creativity is there at the top, and just like trends, needs to trickle down to to streets, and it would make me SO happy to see so many more creative outfits out there. I believe in you.


If I can do it, you can do it.

MESSAGE ME with your creative outfits that are inspired by your true passions I really want to see them!!!

Kind Regards,

leopardprintelephant xoxo



  1. Pix Chapman says:

    I love how honest you are, really good read. Love your outfits, you look amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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