Autumn Winter Style Picks – Featuring Stix Creations and Twisted Sista Vintage

Autumn/Winter is here and if you’re anything like me, you’re a cacophony of emotions ranging from, “oh my god I have sold all my winter clothes because I needed money for make up”, “oh my god I have no money for new winter clothes” and “what the hell bake off has NEARLY finished”.  These are just TOO many emotions to be containing within yourself, and we need the sweet sweet release of good clothes, and good prices, and I have found some ABSOLUTE gems.

Stix Creations

If you’re a fan of  bright, vibrant and eye catching accessories, then you’re going to be in LOVE with Stix Creations. Created by Alexandra and based in the UK, all of these gorgeously colourful items are handmade to perfection, fulfilling all your pompom needs. From headbands, earrings, chokers, you name it, there’s a pompom/fur covered edition of your favourite accessories right here. Also, worldwide shipping means every inch of the globe can benefit from this colour injection. I am in love with my two pairs I received, a gorgeous bespoke pair of faux fur yellow ear rings, and a knitted bobble style pair. Super comfortable to wear and are made of light weight materials so they’re not super heavy to wear all day, just be careful not to open your mouth too often otherwise you’ll get a face full of yellow fur.

ANGELS also you can save some money on at Stix with code LPE10 just go to their site and quote it on their BigCartel !!! You’re welcome !!! 

Instagram: Stix Creations

Big Cartel Shop: Stix Creations




Twisted Sista Vintage

Twisted Sista are a UK based unique, one off and eye catching vintage fashion brand, finding absolutely gorgeous and timeless pieces, full of colour, texture and style. 90s? They’ve got it. 80s? You bet? 60s? Oh of course. Find your favourite decades clothing on their Depop site, with easy payment and delivery. I received this GORGEOUS black and white faux fur jacket from them, perfect to transition from summer to autumn/winter, and is definitely one of my favourite coats in my wardrobe.

HOORAH don’t despair my fellow students, I have a discount code with twisted sista, just message the lovely girls ‘JAMIE10’ before you purchase on depop for money off !!! Tag your selfies with #twistedsistaselfie to be featured on their page.

Instagram: Twisted Sista Vintage

Depop: Twisted Sista Vintage


Make sure you tag me in any purchases you make I want to see you WERKING it ok,

leopardprintelephant xoxo



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