London Fashion Week SS17 Street Style

If i’m brutally honest LFW this year street style wise did not have me shook to my inner core. Maybe we can blame the weather, but in my book that’s not even an excuse. Whip out your most flamboyant, expressive and vibrant outfit and come and enjoy the spectacles of every body else’s art. What did I arrive to? A soggy group of photographers, infused with fellow street style snapping students in anoraks and umbrella’s, all in muted tones and monotone. WHERE WAS MY COLOUR? Fortunately this year I got to work and experience a show, premiering at Freemasons hall, was Jeff Garners Prophetik show. Detailed lace and bodices combined with all natural dyes and textiles to create a fantasy, dark and nocturnal show, transitioning from ready to wear cocktail dresses to ready to wear ball gowns, topped with lace umbrellas. There was also a protest at Brewer Street, with Anti-Fur protesters plugging footage of animals being skinned alive into speakers, blasting screams and tears all around Soho. ‘Boycott Misery’ broadcast all across the floors, creating a definite “oh my god look at that” moment for passers by. But first, let me show you the snippets of colour I DID manage to coerce out of the rainy Soho streets.





Jeff Garner, American born designer, who focuses on natural and sustainable fashion forward ideas, launched his collection at LFW after causing quite a stir the year previous after closing his show with none other than Cara Delevigne. Jeff is an eclectic man, and after spending little time with him at University, I grew to realise his bluer than blue sky thinking after he brought a live horse to the campus when he showed his collection here at the University for the Creative Arts back in the spring of 2016. His optimism and sustainable concepts and ideas translate into seemless designs with true and detailed concepts, creating a real story on the catwalk. Starting off with cocktail dresses and party pieces, the show moved onto smart tailoring and structured jackets and bodices, tight and shapely, leading to flowing altitudes of skirt, finishing with gowns and elegant dresses to steal the limelight for the end of the show. The final model graced the catwalk, waiting at the end, like a deer in photographers lights, awaiting Jeff to run down the catwalk at the end of the show, to chivalrously walk her back to the start of the runway, as if she had just been saved from a near death experience. Overall the show was a story, a piece that took views on a fairy tale journey, transporting you to a Hansel and Gretel style aura, with live music and a real atmosphere, however for me, there was a lack of colour and adventure, and focused on simplistic silhouettes seen in his previous collections, however timeless and classic, nonetheless. Here are a few pictures I took from the show, my first catwalk show, which I will definitely not forget. The atmosphere backstage beforehand was exciting, very Devil Wears Prada as I was anticipating, the SHMOOZ was real, the champagne was flowing, and the fashion side eye and sip of the drink combo was in full swing. Of course I took a glass of champers even though I don’t drink, the aesthetic was major flow. Until February London, and now onto Milan, don’t let me down Italy.




leopardprintelephant xoxo


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