NYFW SS17 – The Fall of Yeezy?

What do Pumpkin Spice Lattés, Poldark and Fashion Week all have in common? THEY’RE BACK!!! And as summer turns into autumn and we all start to scream because christmas is rapidly approaching, we turn to fashion week to distract us, and transport us into the woRLD of fashion, eleganza and high society. New York kicked off this week with the fashion world already engrossed in controvery and sequins – my two favourite things. Lets roll down three shows that have caught my eye already this September.


Jason Wu 

When asked what the inspiration for his SS17 collection was, Wu detailed his trip to the Seven Magic Mountains sculpture, created by Ugo Rondinone and located in Las Vegas, saying it left a lasting impact on his choices for SS17 (See Here). This can be seen throughout his collection, with pastel colours being amplified and accentuated into neon versions of their former delicate selves. Long, flowing and elegant silhouettes as depicted in the sheer halter neck dress, standing tall and proud just like the sculpture. Co-Ords overflowing with embroidered bright nature, and formal wear exploring textures with a regimented blazer and satin skirt, literally as if that hard working business professional leaves canary wharf and gets the tube strAIGHT to Soho. Adore the simplicity of this collection as it combines effortless silhouettes with clear colour stories, coupled with just a true eye for detail elegance. Flawless.



Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi

Whenever I hear about collaborations, especially recently, with high profile models and social media personalities, I wince in anticipation at the launch of the collection, as most of the time they’re half hearted, and are solely focused on using the face for monetary gain – which yes is true, however it needs to be done so seemlessly that the consumer forgets this relationship is manufactured in the first place. Gigi Hadid, a superstar model of the decade whether you like it or not, has sky rocketed into the modelling elite over the past years, along with the rest of her family, taking over every billboard in existence. Gigi is perfect for Tommy. Fresh, non threatening, preppy, tall, elegant and easily passable as a college student, which is what this collection screams at me. Gigi states she had a 50/50 influence in the design process of this collection, and it shows in its commercial, laid back edge. It’s modern, young, but fashionable and in keeping with the Hilfiger brand. Inspiring? Life Changing? Groundbreaking? No. However is everyone going to be talking about the fair ground themed extravaganza that the Tommy Team created for all the press and fashion elite to experience? Of course they are, Gigi Hadid is involved.



Kanye West Yeezy Season 4 

Now i’m sure you can imagine, Kanye isn’t my cup of tea musically, unless by some divine intervention he does a collaboration with RuPaul, and his delves into the depths of fashion has been the talk of the world ever since his first season. Now we are here, in September 2016, and Fashions most elegant and profound names are reportedly crammed into buses on a marathon journey to Roosevelt Island. After a delay women stood in formation across the park, robed in nude and earth toned clothing, a combination of tight fitting and figure hugging bodysuits, and oversized hooded jumpers with transparent knee high boots. When it comes to controversy Kanye is always involved, however i’ve began to question whether it’s the  media’s self fulfilling prophecy of expecting such extra events from West, or if they actually report it in such a way that actually makes him look ridiculously ostentatious? A mixture perhaps, as reports of models fainting and being unable to walk in the heeled boots from the collection depict a scene that maybe fits with just Kanye being Kanye. Despite all this, I do applaud the lengths he went to to put on SUCH  a scene, even if the fashion itself, although developed, wasn’t groundbreaking. With critics ripping Kanye a new one every 30 seconds, I am very excited to see what he will create for Season 5.





If you’re off to fashion week, enjoy yourselves, take lots of pictures, rock your style and express your inner fashion ANGEL. I will be working this week setting up shows and will be at London Fashion Week on Friday so let me know if you’ll be there.

Kind Regards,

leopardprintelephant xoxo


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