Why The World Doesn’t Need Us 

We live on a moving rock. Like literally take a moment to think about the fact that we as people, right this minute as you’re reading this incredible, influential and life changing blog, are on a moving piece of natural material hurtling through the earth at speeds quicker than me liking your boyfriends Instagram posts. It is actually mind boggling and come to think of it, mildly stress inducing. The world before human civilisation thrived on its own, it grew and flourished into its own piece of art, colonies and civilisations of plants and animals surviving without some passive aggressive human being sticking their problematic oar in. 

We are living on this planet essentially in one big rent licensing agreement where we live on this earth, rent free, and actually take from the planet that we live on. The earth doesn’t need us, yet we treat the word and its inhabitants, both natural and human, like shit. These past two months socially and globally have been atrocious. Day after day there has been atrocity after atrocity, tearing families apart, lives apart and relationships apart. The world is bearing the brunt of this violence that in no way has it caused. Take last month in Orlando, or this month in France, the world and its people are still fighting against each other for a multitude of reasons that arise from deep rooted social segregation and potential educational and economic deprivation. Why do people always go straight to the final end result and try and fix that? It would be like if you broke your leg and the bone was sticking out ur skin and that bone then subsequently scratched your hand as its sticking out of your leg, and then just putting a plaster over the cut on your hand like “oh there we go that’s that done” even though there are still MAJOR deep rooted problems that are being left to snowball into solidified problems that will then not be able to be changed.
Take this past week in the UK, new prime minister Theresa May has openly and publicly said in Prime Ministers Questions that she would press the button that would, if it came to it, destroy and kill hundreds of thousands of people, to protect this country via nuclear warfare. She actually, in the first week of her premiership, that she finds it absurd that the opposition are sympathising and care more about the enemies of the U.K. rather than standing by the UK in the first place and being supportive of it it’s attempts to try and support itself globally, however my first question is why does the UK have enemies? Is the UK a fucking child in the playground who steals people’s sweets and chases girls ??? Defence is important but again why are people in POWER running to sort out the final result of an ongoing social situation, instead of sitting down and thinking “ok where did this start and how can we prevent the final situation happening”. I think Syria is an amazing example of that. We decided to bomb a country and its inhabitants (I know) and then voted to leave the European Union due to the scare mongerimg from people about refugees fleeing Syria via Europe – THE VERY CONTRY THAT THIS GOVERNMENT DECIDED TO FUCKING BOMB.

American Politics is also having an adverse affect on the world. When an institution that is supposed to protect and help its inhabitants is blatantly and effectively damning and segregating not just one group of people, but nearly ALL minority groups, it’s going to effect the moods and moral of the people, and the world suffers at the hands of this dramatic constitutional Inbalance. Donald Trump is a thing. He isn’t something that is like Boris Johnson, a comical floppy haired mess, but is in fact a multiple millionaire, who knows what he’s doing and has employed SUCH regressive people to join his campaign. The candidate up for VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES has been known to be so anti – lgbtqia+ that it’s actually painful to listen. A precious record of taking money from helping AIDS victims into conversion therapy for LGBTQIA+ people. Against marriage equality, and all round bigot, these could be the two people who are in one of the most powerful positions in the world as we know it? 
I think basically what the idea is is that we have so much negativity in the world that actually doesn’t come from minority groups at all but stems from the people in power. Their decisions trickle down and affect the people who are lost in society, the people who are invisible, yet wear their identity on their sleeve as proudly as they can. Difference is persecuted because people fear change. The only change these people want to do is for so,e reason take their countries “BACK” to something. It is no wonder people are disillusioned with politics, with the world and protest and FIGHT for their right to be seen – despite the media attention and manipulation this can create. Let’s just say the world is all over the place at the moment and I for one want to apologise to this wonderful and ever growing planet, for the inequality and lack of love that it receives on a daily basis, because when it was thriving millions of years ago, I’m sure it was not supposed to be a place that thrived off negativity and hatred.
Leopardprintelephant xoxo


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