Imagine San Fransisco had an amazing cousin and they were like “WTF MOM YOU DON’T GET ME” and left the US and appeared on the south coast of the UK, ok this is what Brighton is. Being somewhere that has a member of parliament that is for the Green Party is never somewhere where I wouldn’t want to go. It’s open, freeing, breezy, has the ocean there with a pier I was in my element.

We set off on the Monday and of COURSE our connecting train wasn’t in service so we had to go all the way to Clapham Junction and then change to Brighton but it was nice to be back up in London even if it was for 0.4126 seconds. We then got to Brighton to be greeted by such a babe ok so we were walking to the hotel and this a d o r a b l e guy stopped us and asked us if we would be interested in giving to a womens charity that he was working for, and I was like um if I can give to charity and have you 39cm away from me then I will ok I’ve never done anything like this but the charity really spoke to me so !!!






We then got to our hotel room and it was so adorable we felt like genuine bonefide adults it was the d r e a m – this illusion was then broken as we got lost and stuck in the lift for like a minute because we didn’t know how to use the key in the lift – c l a s s i c. We then went out to dinner to this gorgeous Mexican restaurant I think it’s a chain they’re called Wahaca – best burrito I’ve ever head honestly and OMG the cutest story ever. So our waiter came over and he introduced himself as Joel and he was adorable honestly like imagine olly alexander with curly hair I can’t. I wanted to show my gratitude and earn brownie points because he was like the reincarnation of perfection so using my talon nails I wrote a thank you message to him with my caramel sauce (I know – smooth) and he came over and was overwhelmed at it and legit had no words I was on the floor. OK AND THEN Yesterday I get a message from Rhiannon and Liz saying that he has INSTAGRAMMED a picture of the plate saying how cute it was !!! Ok so you can imagine my face at this point – yes I am on the floor – and then HE MAKES A GROUP MESSAGE with us three and him in saying hello and how cute the plate was and how did we find the pic on insta and how fab it was !!! I literally W E P T ok if this isn’t like the best thing that’s ever happened in my life idek what is ??? Imagine we get married this could be (to quote high school musical) the start of something new.



DAY 2 Saw us venture into Brighton town and eat amongst the beautiful pavilions and stroll to the prom and pier. I of course had to go on the rides and Rhiannon took like literally the best photo of me that I think has ever happened. We were then just casually strolling back into town and who dO I SEE IN FRONT OF ME. THE BAE. THE GOD. LOUIS. We have spoken online before and planned to open a pizza/drag themed restaurant where we all scamper around on rollerblades, and here he was RIGHT in front of my porcelain face. It was so extra because I saw him before he saw me so I could see his facial movements and reactions as he saw me, looked away, and then looked back in DISBELIEF that his porcelain babe was in front of him! We spoke and he’s sO ADORABLE and lovely and warm honestly just a dream of a human I honestly adore, a treasure of this world.





We then got the train back that evening, reflecting on an amazing 2 days that we had had in Brighton. It’s such an amazing place, warm and friendly (even if the man in CO-OP got angry with me because Liz was buying wine and I didn’t have ID ok I don’t drink leave me alone). It has the stereotype attached to it that everyone goes there because it’s the best lgbt+ place in the UK and to be honest it was very inclusive and there were loads of lgbt+ people flourishing and thriving and to receive smiles from people was so cute I could have imploded.

I THOROUGHLY recommend Brighton to everyone, if you’re travelling to Brighton in the UK or coming to the UK on holiday, definitely come and experience it in all it’s glory.

Lots of love my angels,

leopardprintelephant xoxo


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