The Trials and Tribulations of JMY

It has been five weeks since I wrote my One giant leap for JMY’kind post about the cute af missions and exciting things that will be occurring in my life and I thought I would do a re-cap and show what’s coming up next for JMY because yes I treat life like a sitcom.


oH MY GOODNESS the Avon adventures have been in full swing and it has literally been SO fun. I have been able to be my own boss, give myself days off and then work whenever I want, to be able to incorporate it around my world. I have made £140 in just 5 weeks which is changing my life, and because it’s all really local so what happens is you get given a ridiculously local area like my streets I am allowed to canvas at are on my road, and once I’ve got customers who want books by asking them in their humble abode, I just pop around, pop a book through, collect it from their doorstep a few days after and hope they’ve ordered! Also you get your own online store for people all around the UK to order from, so your Avon empire can cross counties and flow around the UK. Honestly so good because I’ve been struggling to find work, and it’s perfect for uni I will definitely be continuing it whilst I am at uni because it doesn’t have to be full time or “in the way” if you don’t want it to be!

There’s also the opportunity to join TEAM J! (forget team Edward or Jacob, it’s all about Team J) and I can be your lil Avon mentor, sign you up, and let you fly away and do your Avon duties as a makeup postperson. If you’re 18+ and live in the UK and want to yourself or know someone who would be interested send them HERE –


Alternatively if you’re gagging for a new lipstick these have been selling like hot cakes and I’ve been wearing them all week (check out my Instagram)

then check out my ONLINE STORE and browse to your hearts content!


I’ve also been recently applying for 324810840801029409 jobs to no avail, so thank god for Avon! However something I am interested to start doing is free-lance blogging and content writing for other blogs and companies worldwide, which I have been in contact with recently to hopefully expand my blog capabilities. Don’t worry, leopardprintelephant will never die (true bae).

cropped-untitled-12.jpgOH MY GOODNESS ok I s c r e a m e d when I saw that my true bae Coconut Lane have their own version of the Selfie Case and it’s such a steal, and it comes in so many colours like why not just become so millennial and Instagram that you order a rose gold Selfie case ??? Comes in like 3898 different colours as well and get a delicious DISCOUNT with code LPE20 (ur welcome my honeys)


June has been a very odd month just a lot has happened globally and especially in the last week with in the UK, and I just want everyone to feel safe, loved and happy and to know that there’s always someone out there who will listen. Never feel like you can’t talk to someone, even if its me my inbox and DMs on all social  media are open 24/7 so drop me a message ANYTIME. Stay safe my cherubs, and remember kindness is globally universal.



leopardprintelephant xoxo


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