Month: July 2016

5 Things not to say to someone who identifies as transgender/gender non-conforming 

Living life is difficult enough in 2016, and the world can be a dangerous and difficult place, so here are five things not to say to someone who identifies as transgender or gender non-conforming to ensure the people that make them happy always strive to say and do the right

Why The World Doesn’t Need Us 

We live on a moving rock. Like literally take a moment to think about the fact that we as people, right this minute as you’re reading this incredible, influential and life changing blog, are on a moving piece of natural material hurtling through the earth at speeds quicker than me

Positivity: My 3 Top Tips

Positivity is illusive and such an odd social concept that is used as an opium to make people feel better and make them feel like what they’re doing is worthwhile which, although true, can be difficult to come by – just like that Pokémon you’re trying to catch that’s just


Imagine San Fransisco had an amazing cousin and they were like “WTF MOM YOU DON’T GET ME” and left the US and appeared on the south coast of the UK, ok this is what Brighton is. Being somewhere that has a member of parliament that is for the Green Party

The Trials and Tribulations of JMY

It has been five weeks since I wrote my One giant leap for JMY’kind post about the cute af missions and exciting things that will be occurring in my life and I thought I would do a re-cap and show what’s coming up next for JMY because yes I treat life like a

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