The past few days have been emotional, catastrophic, demoralising, eye opening and empowering, which aptly fits the mood of the month of June well. I need to write an emergency post to vent and just set some things straight.

The campaigning has finished. Politicians aren’t campaigning anymore, and although we are still divided, there is no competing to win our hearts or our heads anymore, the decision has been made. But I just want to talk about the social and mobile effects that this will and IS having, and not just whether or not we will be able to sell a cake to France.

The one way in which I am so upset with the decision is NOT just because of the potential economic ramifications or trade disputes, but the ideological and SOCIAL movements that it causes amongst the people. This week we have seen the far right in this country, the many thousands of people who voted to leave because of their racist views, their xenophobia, their fake fears that they’ve been drip fed from Nigel Farage and haven’t had the curiosity to check whether or not they’re true, RISE. This is the perfect example of the legitimisation of racism. Yes, not all people who voted leave are racist, but is it more important to sit here and explain why “we’re not all racist” and to just ignore the people who clearly are voting for that reason? When you try and stand up and find excuses for the oppressors in society all it does it send a message to the people that are being oppressed telling them that they’re wrong and need to be subordinated because they’re not white, male, employed and rich. How am I supposed to trust a conservative government who will most likely be headed by Boris Johnson, a man who voted against same sex education in schools and has outwardly spoken against his LGBT+ Views, negotiate our human rights? As someone who is in the LGBT+ community WHY should I support this when it goes against everything I stand for?

Socially, whether or not it’s a British thing or a global human thing, people continually look for people to blame, whether or not they’re aware of it of or not. In the UK, and the Western world, it is immigrants, and that is a fact. A group of people who the media and politicians use as a tool for their economic and  political gain, by blaming them for the fall out of the continued cuts that they as a government have made. One way that I live my life is by never judging anyone until I have been through their situation. How in the world can a privately educated MP earning tens of thousands of pounds a year, with a summer recess, explain the ins and outs of being an immigrant or a refugee? How can you sit there and say, “you’re the reason this country needs major, societal and constitutional change” just because of the fact that they want to LIVE and THRIVE. Who are we to let them not have a life free from poverty, war or discrimination?

What I want to say is don’t let this rip the country apart. I don’t want to see people using this as a platform to boost their xenophobia. There are already videos surfacing of anti-immigration, far right, Britain first waving people who are using this as a way to say that what they’re doing is right because 52% of the country “support them”. Don’t let it divide us socially even more than it has done politically. But I fear it’s too late.

Stay woke, stay aware, and keep fighting on because even though this might not have gone how we wanted, we can’t just stop now. Keep fighting, and keep sharing the message however you can because now it’s about how we deal with the climate we are in.

leopardprintelephant xoxo










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