Now if you know me, the sight of traditional menswear can bring a gallon of tears to my eye and even the slightest reminisce of me in bootcut jeans is something that I will never speak of again, it is buried in the deepest darkest caves of my soul, however MEN are the highlight of the past month with SS17 collections appearing around the globe. Join me as I dissect the looks from this years mens SS17 collections, and try not to collapse at the amount of six packs that may appear in this post, this was your warning ok.




Ok well it took me like 0.1 seconds to realise that I adored this collection purely because there was yellow in it and that made me scream tears of joy, but everything Owens does has that air of mystery and kind of “don’t fucking talk to me MUM” but in the best way possible like despite his controversy I adore his style of just blue sky thinking. I am also writing this with my humongous yellow waterproof trousers on and the first picture with the wide leg yellow trousers is almost identical to me, I spy you Rick… Watch out. Also it made me think about a debate we had at uni about how lots of designers are making oversized garments that waver into the world of unpracticality, and how material will gather around the ankles or wrists rendering limbs useless, but I love that idea of a fabric encompassing someone in a hug almost and swallowing them up, because it really showcases the garments. Also the bottom left picture is giving me cinched for your life, drag race vibes with the illusion of the light reflecting material contrasting with the eerie black, like a material constellation.





The Sibling trio are new to my radar and were introduced to me at Uni during research and I fell in love with their ringside boxing inspired AW16 collection, and they have not disappointed for SS17. The cinch is back, featured in this amazing fur applique style corset in the bottom right of the trio, contrasted with an again oversized delicious orange suit combo. The fur detailing continues with the two other pictures, in a cute little underwear garm in the top and this bomber esque collared jacket, which I literally need, if I ever become friends with the sibling trio I will ask for this to be emblazoned across me forever.





Ever since I went to the Louis Vuitton series 3 exhibition in the Autumn I have been in love with Nicolas Ghesquière’s visions and to be able to see and learn the inspirations for a collection, it really brings the garments to life. Series 3 was based on travel and the jet set life, and series 4 has seen medium such as computer graphics and actual video game characters being models for his collection, which really grasped peoples attention which I adored. This collection again SPEAKS to me I adore the tailored and smart yet casual and fluidity of his work. The trousers on the right are making me want to implode and the effortless and “I just threw this on” nature of the jumper is giving me life, as is the texture I am gagging. NEED. To be able to go backstage essentially of the whole creative life cycle of the collection and see it from concept to catwalk is truly special.




Now I have only just found this designer, and I am obsessed, partly with the catwalk as well like why wouldn’t you want to strut on a bowling alley ??? This was inspired by the late American scouts of the 50s and the mid west of America and I adore that idea, and seeing it translate into these garments is so effortless. This statement necklace “My Other Car is Junk Too” is so hilar like a bumper sticker on your torso and it’s like observational I adore. Also the top picture of the two outfits conjoined together reminds me of that episode in drag race in season 7 where they had to do half drag queen and drag queens outfit like one spin and it’s all different I am obsessed. It feels like a physical representation of two cultures or two concepts meeting each other, and visually it makes the eye devour the whole look as an experience. A+, will DEFINITELY be keeping up on miharayasuhiro in the future.


This post has shown me that MEN can be ok… kind of, but only when they’re covered in designer labels and are showering  me in creative thoughts. Mens seasons are always fun because there’s always a contrast from traditional bespoke houses such as Hackett and Barbour, and then the interesting, androgynous styles from Fashion East and Sibling, I;m excited to be able to carry on seeing these designers flourish.



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