OK. We all knew this blog post was coming, because if you have seen me in the past 32090491 days you will realise that I am obsessed with the colour Y E L L O W. I don’t really even know how recently it has literally taken over my life, however in August last year I was getting items for university and I was like i’m going to need items that are a different colour because otherwise they’re going to get mixed up with everybodies other things and it’s going to be a HOT mess, so I came up with yellow.  FAST FORWARD To March 2016 and the yellow gods sprinkle their beautiful magical dust on me and I rise from the rainbow as a yellow BEACON that I appear to you as today.

Yellow is the colour of optism, positivity and fulfillment and I didn’t realise this until recently and I was just like !!!!!!!!!! ARE yOU JOKING IT GETS BETTER !!!!!!! Like it stands for everything that I try and promote and enhance in life and it’s just like this colour was made for me.

Favourite Yellow Makeup

OCC LipTar




The OCC LipTars are literally amazing, the pigment that I was expecting from the Yellow was that it was going to be weak, however YES GOD it delivered and it didn’t disappoint. They’re available in the UK from BeautyBay and they come in every single colour of the rainbow honestly.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Crème Pot


Ever since I saw NikkieTutorials on Youtbe use this in one of her videos I was instantly in love. This crème colour pot can be used on the lid as a base for shadow, or can be used with an angled liner brush to create the perfect yellow wing which, if I could actually do eyeliner sufficiently, I would SO tattoo it onto my face everyday. Or if you’re feeling fun why not use it as a foundation???? (don’t even tempt me).


Favourite Yellow Clothes

Ok disclaimer before I start talking about my favourie yellow clothes. I recently was taking off my yellow wader style trousers and my I accidentally (but ever so gracefully) fell over and my leg stayed in the bottom of the trousers and they RIPPED all along the groin arena, which is causing me great stress because they’re my pride and joy, however I have invested in superglue and industrial strength tape. Positive vibes guys.

Mango Yellow Espadrille style platforms



I’m not a huge fan of summer for 2304419 reasons however not having adequately covered toes (I’m a modest kind a gal ok) is an issue for me, although at the moment I do have yellow toe nails so… win win, but these GORGE yellow platform sandals are giving me so much life (and height). I would probably fall over 23 times a second however the metal detail is just so me and I am obsessed, well done mango.


New Look Bardot style Frilly Top


YES ok this top is giving me such beyonce lemonade vibes and I am obsessed. I’ve never really got my back out before because I have random scarring on their however this top is just too cute that I might have to bare all and just wear this FOREVER. Its only £8.99 also which is a complete bargain. Thank you New Look for fulfilling my Lemonade wishes.


Zara Faux Leather Yellow Crop Jacket


Ok honestly this is one of the best things that I have ever purchased,  not only because of its colour, but because of its versatility! The jacket is a stand out piece on its own when worn with a midi dress or black jeans and a roll neck, and the skirt itself can be worn with just a loose fitting shirt, or again another roll neck, maybe yellow (it has to be yellow) and it’s just UGH. I wore this to a lil event on a boat in May and I was like a lemon flowing through the River Thames ok I CAME THROUGH.

Yellow Acrylics


HOW could I not post about these gorgeous claws as my last favourite yellow item. They changed the nail game completely okay literally now whenever I go and get my nails done I have to have on that’s yellow or yellow incorporated somehow, (check out my insta for the latest yellow combo). Somebody said it looked like I had 10 minions on the ends of my fingers, and they’re sadly no longer with us.

YAAS ok you have reached the end of my yellow favourites, however make sure you’re following me on all social media so you can see what new YELLOW items I find myself living with in the next few weeks. (I have a new flat which I need to furnish so … I wonder what colour everything in my room is going to be?)

ALSO just want to say a massive thank you for the reaction to last weeks post, it actually pushed me to 11,500 views in just 24 hours so 1,500 in a day was amazing to see! I also got some blog/zine work and projects arise because of it which is amazing so thank you so so so so much for sharing and reading it means the world to me!

Lots of love,

leopardprintelephant xoxo





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