One giant leap for JMY’kind

If you follow me on my social media channels – (if you don’t then .. I mean what the fuck are you doing ?????) then you will know that my first year of university has finished and I have travelled  back home to Dorset, on the south coast of England. I have been keen to try and find as much work as possible – whether it be affiliate blog work, retail fashion work or internships for any local or london based brands. FORTUNATELY your local babe has found some work in all different shapes and sizes and I really wanted to share it with you on here because some of it is going to benefit you lovely people !

  1. Muddy Body


This collaboration is something that is based around one thing I ADORE – Skincare! Muddy body are a 100% natural, cruelty and preservative free products that are 100% adaptable and can be personalised for your skins needs. The face masks are mixed with water to create a creamy mask consistency which can then be applied with your hands or one of their face mask brushes! My order is in the post and I am SO excited to try out these products and I will write a lil review ASAP! Because the products are powder based, you can mix any products with them to ensure you get a mask that’s tailored to you – eg) tea tree oil, honey, green tea, honey, yoghurt or rosewater.


2. Figure 8


SO excited to be working with the amazing team at Figure 8 in Dorchester, who are a plus sized fashion brand based in Dorchester and online, selling beautiful clothing and accessories for all occasions! (I sound like such a hilarious plug machine). Excited to be helping instore as well as distribution and aiding the growth of their online presence which will be fabulous experience and will be interesting to see how what I have learnt and produced and Uni will manifest itself for a real brand who is growing at 10320 miles an hour! They’re just about to launch on QVC and in fashion catalogues so i’ve arrived at just the right time.



3. Avon



OK YES oh my goodness I have been wanting to do this for so long and now I have the time and the appropriate age capabilities to be able to become the glorious yellow make up post human I have wanted to be for years. My mum and sister used to do Avon and ever since then I have always thought it was a fab way to be able to make money at your own pace and your rate because you’re your own boss! I got confirmed yesterday and I have just been given my territories (SO Game of Thrones) of where I can roam the streets getting people to buy fabulous make up off me! ALSO, in the next few weeks my online store will be set up which will mean YOU will be able to order from me as well! (unfortunately I won’t be able to hand deliver it to your door adorned in all yellow) however you can use my online store to order whatever your heart desires and it’ll be delivered to you via the Royal Mail, how perfect! I will keep you posted as to when this comes to fruition.


4.Coconut Lane








I have worked with this brand for a little while and I adore their fun and carefree attitude towards life and it really shows through their ungendered products. From phone cases to accessories to socks with Justin Bieber on, what’s literally NOT to love. I have an affiliate code with them as well ‘LPE20’ to get you some glorious discount on their goodies! If you want to work with them as well they have a CoconutQueens section where you can apply and share the coconut goodness.


HOW exciting is all of this I feel like I have only just got back but also been here for 30185 years and never actually went to uni so it’s been a busy week! Just want to let you know thank you SO much for all your love and appreciation for my blog it honestly does mean the world because I want this to be something you all enjoy to read, and hopefully you all enjoy reading as much as I do writing!

Stay flawless,

leopardprintelephant xoxo




























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