SS16 Totally Trendalicious Top Picks

YES the sun is here and the days of waking up and throwing on 23495 layers and trying to text with those grossly weird cold fingers you get when it’s like -95 are OVER. (Sadly, I am a great lover of Autumn and Winter, however any excuse to get my legs out I am CLEARLY going to take it). I am going to take you on a TRENDALICIOUS journey through my favourite top picks for this season, and a few looks that I have birthed in the first month of spring.



Ok if you follow me on my other social media platforms, or if you have the esteemed privilege and HONOUR of knowing me in real life, you will know that in the space of literally like 4 months I have spawned this adoration for the colour yellow. Literally anything yellow I am so here for. In terms of yellow clothing,  it depends upon your style, and your adventurous nature, as to how far you go with the yellow vibe. Now a middle aged mum style yellow would probably involve yellow being a trim or an accent, eg) a collar, button, maybe a sly stripe down one arm just because you can). Now when it comes to me and hopefully a lot of you, if i’m gonna do colour then i’m going to literally paint myself head to toe in either that colour, or a concoction of 86 different colours. I recently acquired these yellow rainproof trousers that I actually think are waders, in Apple Tree Boutique in Notting Hill for a flawless £5, definitely check out their website and instore for some amazing bargains. Obviously I had to get my nails done yellow because hello i’m jamie windust of course??????? Yellow also makes such a great accent colour and I have this GORGEOUS yellow belt that I acquired from a local charity shop for £2.50 (honestly my advice is to literally charity shop everyday of your life if you want cute clothes, today I got a yellow jumper and multicoloured midi skirt for £7 i’m weak). My stand out piece is definitely this gorgeous Zara  two piece leather jacket and skirt which retail just under £70 for both which is an investment however it’s such a versatile piece I am obsessed.



2. Midi Skirts

My style and personal revolution and the growth in independence has accumulated itself in me growing and wearing clothes that before I was intimidated by and proposed themselves as more of a problem to me than something that could look cute, however now I am happy to be able to explore new options within myself and I am OBSESSED with the midi skirt. I know I have tooted the charity shop horn already however they’re the best places to find funky floaty skirts because they’re usually less than £5 and usually come in gorgeous colours and patterns. Skirts take a lot of manufacture and have a long product life cycle if you’re looking for interesting, well made pleated wonders, hence why it’s a lot easier to find them at charity shops or on Ebay. Oxfam actually have an online store so check out their bits and bobs now! (What’s not to love ok charity shopping from your bed?) I bought a gorgeous denim midi skirt from ASOS recently which I teamed with a tiger print shirt (I’m not cheating on my leopard print roots I promise, don’t shoot me). I also channelled my inner upside down strawberry (everyone has one… duh) and rocked this flawless green midi skirt with red roll neck and blazer and accessories around Chelsea last week.




3. Glowy AF Skin

Summer is the time when everyone with combination – oily skin takes a deep breath and buys every single inch of mattifying primer that there is in Superdrug, or Debenhams (if you’re fancy, however despite the fact that I am amongst these oily queens, I don’t want to look like the sahara desert during menopause this summer. I literally spend my waking hours watching make up videos so the fact that I have only JUST started using an illuminating primer is quite frankly DISGUSTING. If you’re oily or combination skin, then mattifying foundations and primers are the one for you, however to prevent you looking dry af then add an illuminating primer and watch the LITERAL glow up appear in front of your eyes. What I like to use is the L’Oréal Paris L’Oréal Lumi Magique Primer  and instead of just applying it as a base, I mix it with my foundation and it create a foundation that has the technicalities of a matte foundation, but the finish of a lumionous one which is PERFECTION. Even once you’ve added you’re finishing powders on top you still achieve that ‘glow from within’ which is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to look like they’re suffering from a PETA inspired slime attack on their face, when it’s actually just excess oil.




Now you know these h o t SS16 tips and tricks you will easily be able to navigate and meander through spring/summer 16 without a yellow inch out of place.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you’d like to see next, comment below or message me on  my social media’s! Lots of love,

leopardprintelephant xoxo


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