How To Get My Face

Something people always ask me is what make up I use and today I thought I would share with you some of my beauty favourites, some old and some new, that make up this beautiful mug. Make up is something I originally became accustomed to when I began working on a perfumery counter at a local department store. I have problematic skin and have done for a long time and make up began as something of a short term solution to said problems. This love and fascination for concealer (I know who knew concealer could be so mesmerising) expanded and flourished into something that I realised was was essentially an art form. I have been wearing make up for around 18 months and everyday I get better and I am never not learning new things and it’s fab to see the effects and transformations on your face! 

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder 

This is a new product to add to my regime as I had previously been using the Rimmel Translucent powder, however it contained a lot of talc which a) created a powdery ashy finish on the skin, and b) it can produce flashback on the skin making you look EVER so white (which for your local porcelain loving gal over here) However it does look very ashy however it was the only product that kept me hella matte all day. The Laura Mercier powder is milled so finely that it produces a soft and air brushed finish to the skin, almost a blur effect, perfect for those who want a matte finish without the dry feel. It also contains no talc so therefore no flashback! (Also someone told me that talc is carcinogenic which isn’t the cutest). I was deliberating for a while whether to purchase the powder due to the price, and the fact that I use powder quite a lot to ensure I look as less like an oily mackerel as possible, however Mercier have produced a formula that packs in the matte properties without having to pour half the container on your face. It is also a very large pot so it’s definitely worth the money. 

I am an oily bitch like so oily that sometimes the middle east gives me a call and is like “hey Jamie can we use your face as an oil source we want to sell it to the US” – it’s a real struggle. 

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny 

Oh my goodness this one comes with a STORY (on the verge of a novel literally). So I ordered this mid February, Star’s next big shipment of the colour after its initial launch at Christmas, and was AMAZED to be able to get two (one for me and one for Chelsea). Get your tissues ready ok here’s the sad part, ok so they take about two weeks to arrive from the US, and I waited and waited and one day, 4 weeks later I rang and asked where the lipsticks were , and they had been sent to me however the caretakers at university had failed to notify me, so they were at the postage depot for me to collect. I then went to the postage depot to collect them, and I was one day late, and they had been sent back to their sender – LA, California. Good one. SO I had to wait another three weeks for them to be sent back to the UK and they finally arrived just before my birthday in April, and I proceeded to wet myself. It’s the perfect browny, red but also the perfect purple and deep terracotta colour. It’s so many different tones and shades that everytjme I wear it it looks different. Definitely a must, and is comfortably matte all day. Drink proof, food proof, boy proof, this formula will stay all day; sometimes even longer literally till like the next morning it’s THAT pigmented. 

NYX Setting spray – Matte finish

As you have already seen and probably guessed, I am an oily bitch like so oily that sometimes the middle east gives me a call and is like “hey Jamie can we use your face as an oil source we want to sell it to the US” – it’s a real struggle. I used to use the Urban Decay all nighter spray however it’s pricey and I thought I would try something new! This spray is gorgeous and is water based giving a matte, but full of life appearance. Despite the small size I am in love with this as it prevents my eyebrows falling down to my jaw at the end of the day. 

LPE Rating: 4/5
Morphe 35S Eyeshadow Palette 

I am OBSESSED with morphe products. Their brushes are to die for and their palettes are even better. I have the 35B palette and got the 35S for my birthday and I am living. It’s the perfect combination of matte neutrals and shimmers with colour mattes and shimmers, resulting in a mesmerising amount of looks that can be made. I am living for the golden copper shimmer and of course, the yellow. 

LPE Rating: 5/5
The Body Shop Lightening Drops 

I have been looking for lightening drops for a while and these are very similar to the Cover FX drops but at a much cheaper price. What they do is lighten the pigment of any cream based product that you have, whether it be cream bronzer, concealer, foundation, anything creamy you can add as many drops as you like and it’ll become flawlessly porcelain. I am OBSESSED with the porcelain white face with bronzer and blush to look over the top, so these are perfect because it’s so difficult to find a literal white foundation, so these can be added to a perfect coverage and finish foundation, but just to make it that perfect colour. These also come in darkening drops and are essential for a makeup artist to add to their kit because it then increases the versatility of your products and means you don’t have to buy hundreds of different shades because you can customise your own! They can have a tendency to reduce the amount of coverage in some products so don’t go too ham. (Says me hahaha good one Jamie).
LPE rating – 3/5
Thanks for reading and let me know what you’d love to see next below, or on Twitter, Inatagram or snapchat!

Lots of love,

Leopardprintelephant xoxo



  1. I love the Laura Mercier powder, it’s amazing! I also just recently got the morphe 35t palette and is so good! Will need to get more morphe palettes I think 🙈

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  2. Alice says:

    YEEEES!!!! You’re so amazing!! Btw would you do a room tour on your Snapchat? So interested to see how hallsrooms look! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All my favorites!!! 🙂

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