Month: April 2016

Gend-UGH ??

    I feel like this post has been SO long awaited and people have asked me to write about it so this is the week that it’s appearing on your electronic devices. My first exposure to the idea and concept of gender in a deeper level was during sociology


Ok to actually say the phrase ‘I have finished my first year of University’ is absolutely mind boggling. To think that this time last year I had just received my offer from the University for the Creative Arts, and now I am here finishing my last brief, one of the

A Year In The Life of JMY

Now, we are all guilty of looking back at pictures of ourselves from like 4961 years ago and wanting to inadvertently reach into the phone and just clean up your eyeliner because it was THAT atrocious, however recently i’ve learnt reflection should always be a positive experience. Hark back to

Vintage Fever ‘Get The Look’ Book

This month I was approached by the wonderfully colourful and always flawless Vintage Fever , a British based Vintage online store selling unique and bespoke vintage clothing who I had been following on instagram for an age, who revive looks from iconic eras such as the 70s, 80s and 90s. Featuring shoulder

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