Month: March 2016

Narcissism – Why Are We Being Lied To?

I remember the first time I realised what narcissism meant and I subsequently threw up at how malicious the whole concept of the word seems. However, is narcissism something that is overwhelmingly affecting this generation or is it a tool created to police the amount we as people can appreciate

The Illusive L word

Linguine? Lobster? Labradoodle? Unfortunately none of these are quite the mysterious dictionary inhabitant I am discussing today, however a blog post on linguine would be so carbalicious. Love. Love it, hate it, love is something that will smack us in the face once a year in February, or something that

Fashion Iconography – Look Book

Who hasn’t wanted to dress up as their favourite fashion icons and w e r k it before ???? I was kindly asked by Natalie to become the fashion icons of the century. In a ‘Stars in Your Eyes style’ manner, I emerged from a curtain paying homage to fashion royalty. Take

The ‘PC Debate’

PC. Politically Correct. The debate as to whether or not us as people in 2016 are becoming too “politically correct” is something people are constantly discussing. Are we as people limiting ourselves too much, piling on constant fear that we are going to offend the person sat next to us

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