I feel like whenever you start a blog (or in my case refresh a blog) it’s important to let your guard down and let people into your own little world so you can empathise and relate and not feel like you’re just reading a computers words.

People always ask me who my fashion inspirations or muses and to be honest i don’t have one person or even a collective group of people that I could say sparked a turning point for me. There were always people who I thought “wow you look like a god I need to emulate part of that on my body, for example Boy George and the kind of new romantic era is something that i can relate to style wise as a time that infiltrates my style, and definitely the 80s is a huge era where fashion was so much more than clothing, it was rebellion and it was expression and the colours and the fabrics and the cuts were so outlandish and garish and neon and flawless that it is no wonder it is still worn today and till influences fashion trends. In terms of what I wear and the thought process behind what I am going to wear, practicality and essentially common sense kind of goes out the window because if I love it I will wear it. I know I do harp on about the gender fluidity of fashion and how the barriers between the two for me is non existent however it has been nice to see high profile brands and stores demonstrating their knowledge and primarily their power on the subject. The selfirdges ‘Agender’ section was a huge success not just in store but for gender non conforming people all over the world. Also with trade and fashion shows such as London Collections Men’s and the fashion weeks around the globe not differentiating between men’s and women’s, it has been something that has come as a nice warm glow.

Fashion is art. The movement that clothes have one body is something that brings the art to life, and the fact that you could dress 50 people in the same outfit and it would look different on every single person is a testament to how personality and the actual brain beneath the outfit is what makes the look. If you have confidence and attitude and can show your personality through you’re clothing and through the way that the clothes fit and move and shape your body then it really brings them to life and it’s so enriching to see.


I always remember thinking when I was younger, ‘why is there a whole half of the shop that I have to just disregard despite the fact that the womenswear is completely colourful and bright and vibrant yet after the short trip on the escalator down to menswear it’s all blue and black and grey and lacks imagination? About 2 years ago i just merely decided I couldn’t be bothered to just wear things that yes I thought were nice, however not what I really enjoyed or got passion out of wearing. People ask questions and people will always ask questions, even today in forever 21 I was asked if I knew this was the ladies changing room and like I do forget that other people don’t have the same mindset as me so therefore kind of do take the people in my life who get me for granted because for every person that does flow on my river there will be 3891 that are trying to limit the water supply.

I study fashion management and marketing at the university for the creative arts in Epsom, Surrey, just 30 minutes from central london. It has been a rollercoaster but it really has opened my eyes to the fashion industry and all its trials and tribulations, but also has shown me that I was definitely not as strong and life prepared as I thought I was, however this has only projected me upwards as I have grown so much like I was so a sunflower when I started and now I am a palm tree like the growth is real.

I still have times where I get frustrated with myself about wearing things of wanting to wear things hut I don’t feel comfortable yet but I mean the process of me wanting to wear and do what I wanted two years go never happened over night. Step by step I experimented with new things, waiting for my approval, and not anyone else’s. Yes other people’s reactions do become a part of how I will eventually feel and react to something new I am trying, however at the end of the day if I feel 100% comfortable then I have no qualms. I will grow and I will develop even more in the next few years, to think I have only properly even wearing make for 18 months and been experimenting with clothing for the same time, I have ridiculous amounts of growth yet to endure.
Apologies I gave gone on quite a ramble here however that’s kind of a brief interlude into my brain and I mean the first thing I do if I find a new blog to read, is find their about me page or post so I hope you’ll enjoy this. I do really appreciate and love everyone’s support and love on social media it is a huge part of my positivity and life so thank you!

Thank you for reading queens,

Leopardprintelephant xoxo


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